Apple Watch Series 10: Bigger Screens and New Features

Apple Watch Series 10: Bigger Screens and New Features

The Apple Watch is getting a big update for its 10th anniversary. Here’s what to expect:

Larger Screens and Thinner Design

Apple is planning to release the Apple Watch Series 10 with larger screens. The new models will have a display size similar to the Apple Watch Ultra, which is 49mm. Additionally, the Series 10 will be thinner than previous models but will look mostly the same.

New Processor for Better Performance

Both the Series 10 and the new Apple Watch Ultra 3 will have a new processor. This chip could support future AI features, though full Apple Intelligence capabilities won’t be available on the watch just yet.

Health Monitoring Features Delayed

Apple has been working on new health features like blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection. However, these features are facing delays. The blood pressure feature hasn’t been reliable enough in tests, and the sleep apnea feature is tied up in a legal issue over blood oxygen sensors. Apple might solve these problems by September, but the features could be delayed until next year.

Other Updates

Apple is also exploring new manufacturing methods, like 3D-printing some parts of the watch, which could speed up production and reduce materials. There’s also talk of a new, cheaper Apple Watch SE made with plastic instead of aluminum, aiming to compete with Samsung’s budget models.

Launch Timing

It’s unclear if Apple will market the Series 10 as an anniversary edition this year or wait until 2025. The original Apple Watch was announced in 2014 and released in 2015, so Apple could choose either year to celebrate.

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