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Comfortable, quality

Purchased 2 sets of nylon straps for my Apple Watch. After reading reviews of other nylon straps at other websites, I wanted to order a quality product so I stuck with the Apple brand. I saved money ordering through Spartan. It arrived quickly. The colors are very nice, like on the website, the strap itself is pliable and soft with no rough edges. It fastens easily and fits my small wrist well. I'm very pleased with my straps and would recommend Spartan to my friends.

Stainless steel Apple Watch band

At first I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted. When the band arrived I was pleasantly surprised. I love it. Naomi

Excellent Quality Band

This is an excellent band and I am very pleased with it. It looks great, is holding up well and is very comfortable. The only quibble I have and one which wasn't enough to cost any starts, is that no instructions were included on how to remove links from the band. I was able to figure it out fairly easily, but if someone couldn't, it could be very frustrating.

A Better Watch Band

Without doubt the best watch strap I have used, Feels secure on the wrist, manageable, light, yet secure. You can wear this strap all day without knowing it’s on your wrist. Nice.

another great buy at Spartan

The Leather Loop Apple Watch Band that is difficult to impossible to find at Apple Stores now is a terrific find at Saprtan Watch Co. I bought mine as a replacement for one bought at the apple store and quality and fit were perfect. My wife saw it and wanted one for her watch so we ordered one for her. With colors not even available at apple and perfect quality and fit this is a truly great find. Thank you!

Great purchase!

I bought the 42mm AppleWatch nylon band in blue. I’m very impressed in the quality of the band as it is side by side the same as the Apple versions I have. I would definitely purchase another variation (looking to buy the tan/brown version)

Extremely Satisfied Customer!

Just upgraded my Apple Watch with the Spartan Watches' Stainless Steel Link Band in black, and it's a standout for daily wear. It’s got a nice weight to it, making it feel like a real, traditional watch, perfect for both work and nights out. Comfort is on point, and the durability is solid, maintaining its sleek look without a scratch through all my outings.

Apple Watch band

Great!! Will purchase again.

Quality and Value

My wife and I both ordered a nylon loop watch band and couldn’t be happier. Delivery was super fast. The price is great. Easy to wear- comfortable and not sweaty. My band is more subdued (I would like brighter blues). My wife got the rainbow; she loves it. I would order again and highly recommend Spartan.

Best band for the gym!

By far the best band for the gym. I actually enjoy working out with my Apple watch again!

Quality Band in Many Colors

Spartan Watches’ nylon sport loop is truly a great watch band. I love the ease of adjusting the band to fit my wrist. Also, the wide variety of colors to choose from and the reasonable cost allows me to buy many to add to my collection. I will be telling all my friends to check out Spartan Watches!

Exactly what I was looking for

The band met all my expectations and is exactly what I was looking for - great price point and quick delivery.

Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch

I have used the Spartan Milanese bands exclusively as I do not like the silicon bands as they make my skin itch. The Apple bands are ridiculously over priced and I find these steel bands just perfect. I have the gold and black bands and they are just perfect; they fit well, the magnet is well done and strong and I have used bands for years, across watches as I upgrade them. These bands are so durable I change watches but keep the bands and they work fine and last for ever. These bands are better than the ones Apple sells for way more green stamps.

Can’t beat this quality & price

I am so happy I didn’t spend $100 at Apple on their basic a** bands. These Spartan Watches bands were affordable and the band really looks good with my watch. Will buy more!

Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch
Bettina K.
Beautiful watch band

Totally the same as Apple, but better. Has been perfect and I wear it every day

Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch
Denise L.

I really like this watch band as it really “dresses up” my Apple Watch. It is the second one I purchased as my first one was stolen with other jewelry I had. I originally replaced the first band with a similar one that had a clasp on it rather than the magnetic closure. That clasp did not work well so I returned it and got the one with the magnetic closure. It is far superior and definitely worth the money.

Great Christmas Gift

Gave to my adult son who travels for a living. He thoroughly enjoys the convenience for his iPhone and Apple Watch and not having to deal with multiple chords to charge.

Great Watch Band

Had my band changed by jeweler and really enjoy the look and feel. It looks more like a bracelet than a "sport" watch and many are surprised to hear it is an Apple smart watch. I wear it all the time, day and night and it looks great, is comfortable and looks very nice even with dress clothes.

Classy Accessory

I bought this on a BOGO for my father and me, and we love it! The links are easy to remove with the tool that comes with it, and Spartan Watches even has an educational YouTube video on how to do it. The links remind me of dragon scales. I picked this band over others because of the ease of use and security with the butterfly lock. It feels like such a quality band with a good weight to it and is more affordable than what Apple charges. I definitely get compliments from men on this piece haha.


High quality, the material is soft, and the color is perfect! Great for working out or if you live somewhere warm, as it doesn’t stick to your wrist like other bands! And I love that it’s adjustable, so you can wear it on your wrist or ankle to count steps.

Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch
Barnhouse G.
Beautifuly made band

It is a very well made watched

Grayish white

The band has more gray than the web image would suggest. But it fits well and is comfortable. It must be adjusted somewhat tightly in order to remove an otherwise large open loop at the connection point on the watch however. This may simply be an aspect of this type of band.

Perfect travel charger for Apple watch

I really like my portable Apple Watch charger. It is small and easier to take when I travel then my larger one. It charges my watch fast and fully. It’s great, thank you!!

Great Charger

What an amazing charger! I love being able to charge all 3 of my Apple products: iPhone, Apple Watch, & Apple AirPods in one spot. It fits perfectly on my desk and I’m able to see and open notifications using FaceID on my phone while charging. Thank you Spartan Watches for a great 3-in-1 wireless charger! 👍🏼👍🏼

Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch
Daniel W.
Comfortable band

Dressy and comfortable! You can have both!