How Do I Get My Apple Watch Band Unstuck?

Apple Watch Release Button Stuck? How You can Fix It

If you've owned an Apple Watch for some time, you might have encountered the frustration of a stuck release button.

This article will guide you through understanding why your Apple Watch's release button might get stuck and provide simple steps to fix it.


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Why Does the Release Button Get Stuck?

The release button on your Apple Watch can become jammed, making it difficult to swap bands. This issue is common among Apple Watch enthusiasts.

Exposure to various elements during gym sessions, meals, sleep, or outings can lead to grime accumulation, resulting in a stuck release button. 

Apple Watch Release Buttons stuck with red arrow pointing to each release button on back of an Apple Watch

How to Fix a Stuck Release Button on Your Apple Watch

Steps to Unjam Your Release Button:

  1. Power off your Apple Watch and remove any protective casing.
  2. Gently press the release button while wiggling the band (avoid forcing it).
  3. Use a small brush or an old toothbrush to clear out debris from the band slots and around the release buttons.
  4. Rinse your Apple Watch under warm water for 15-20 seconds, focusing on the release buttons.
  5. Moisten a swab with WD-40 cleaner or Isopropyl alcohol and gently apply it to the release button.
  6. Press the button gently to start loosening it, watching for dislodged dirt as you remove your band.
  7. Clean the connector hole thoroughly before fitting a new Apple Watch band.


Get Your Release Button Unstuck on your Apple Watch


Bonus Tips for a Stuck Release Button:

  • Apply Heat: Gently heating the area around the release button can make it easier to move. Use a low setting on a hairdryer, keeping it at a safe distance to prevent overheating.
  • Use Compressed Air: Blowing compressed air can dislodge dust and debris inside the button mechanism.
  • Vacuum Dust: Vacuuming over the button can remove dust accumulations.
  • Professional Electronic Cleaning Fluid: Use specific electronic cleaning fluids like CRC 05103 QD or high-concentration isopropyl alcohol carefully to avoid damage.
  • Gentle Tapping: Lightly tapping around the button with a soft tool can free particles.

After cleaning, gently press and hold the release button to slide your band out, applying minimal force to avoid damage.

If issues persist, consider professional cleaning services with the right tools and expertise to handle your Apple Watch without causing damage.


Preventing a Stuck Apple Watch Release Button:

  • Avoid sticky substances that can gunk up the button.
  • Regularly clean your Apple Watch, especially around the button, to prevent debris buildup.


Other Reasons Your Band May Get Stuck

Case designs can allow for oil and debris to accumulate. Cleaning the channel slot, band ends, and connection points with non-ammonia cleaners and warm soapy water can help. Consider the ULTRAVUE Watch Cleaning Kit for a thorough clean.

Apple Watch Cleaning Kit from amazon

If all else fails, book an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar for professional assistance.

Changing Your Apple Watch Band

Ensure compatibility by checking the band size engraved on your Apple Watch. To replace the band, place your watch face down on a soft surface, slide the old band out while pressing the release button, and slide the new band in until it clicks.





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