Spartan Watches Makes Watch Bands Accessible with Fast Delivery

Spartan Watches Makes Watch Bands Accessible with Fast Delivery

As a company that provides the highest-quality smartwatch bands, Spartan Watches is on a mission to make watch straps more affordable and more accessible to people across the nation, and even those from outside the country. 

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With the ongoing pandemic, more and more people among all age groups are taking advantage of ordering goods online. After all, it's quick and convenient, and there are more online stores opening nowadays. Online shopping is trending for various reasons, one of which is the ease of finding various products on a single platform. Customers only need to install the store app and start shopping for themselves, their family, or friends. 

With online shopping, they can shop nonstop since it's available 24/7. Online stores also offer discounts and deals. And once you're done shopping, the product packaging is done in a manner that the delivery person will not be able to identify what is kept inside it. 

Online retailers, like Spartan Watches, always try to protect your privacy and send your order in discreet packaging. However, there are still issues pertaining to online shopping, and that includes the shipping time. You see, there are cases when the client's orders arrived late. And some even have shipping time that is considered too long for those who couldn't wait for their orders to arrive. 

There are several reports of customers fuming, claiming that this online store has repeatedly delayed the shipments of their orders. Adding that the online store backtracked on the two-day shipping guarantee that the customers were promised. 

Yes, people want free shipping but they are not willing to wait for very long for delivery. These days, shoppers have zero tolerance towards even the slightest frustration from their order delivery. Consumers are scrutinizing and sensitive by nature. And this is much more towards online stores. 

A bad experience will become a chance for online shoppers to put a full stop to an online business and start shopping with its competitor. A study found that 69 percent of consumers are much less or less likely to shop with a retailer in the future if the item they purchased is not delivered within two days of the date promised. 

What's more, with the power of social media, they could ruin a brand's online reputation. If an online business wants to keep their reputation and stay reliable to its clients, they have to provide what their customers want. There are several ways to resolve this shipping problem:

  • Being aware of the customers' shipment status all the time. 
  • Take proactive action. It can be by letting customer support intervene and fix issues before customer impact.
  • Inform the customer regarding the issue.
  • Offer solutions based on their expectations. It can be re-shipping the order via an expedited shipping option. 
  • Offer a discount or a refund on the customer's next purchase. 
  • Engage with loyal customers on every level. It can be on a daily basis through notifying them of their orders. 
  • Proactively inform the status of the customers' order. 
  • Make customer support reps efficient.
  • Offer order tracking and estimated delivery dates for customers.
  • Streamline packaging process and do standard quality checks.
  • Implement electronic data exchange.
  • Declare items for customs ahead of time.

According to statistics, 60 to 75 percent of consumers will do business with a company again. That is, if the company handles a customer service issue fairly. And even if the outcome is not in their favor.

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With those factors and information in mind, Spartan Watches strived to reach the clients' expectations and even beyond that. The good news is delivery time at Spartan Watches has become shorter, giving you the opportunity to get your hands on the best smartwatch bands faster than what you expect. 

Spartan Watches is a company founded with feelings of compassion towards customers. It is a business that aims to deliver the highest-quality smartwatch bands in order to give the consumers a more affordable opportunity to attain their desires. 

As a business that braves through any obstacles, old and new customers can expect that Spartan Watches will overcome the challenge brought by the issue in shipping time. After all, the whole team of Spartan Watches dedicate all of their efforts to give their customers the best that they can offer and at the same time, protect the clients' interests. 

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To address the problem of shipping time, logistics at Spartan Watches has become more efficient. Now, all US customers will receive their "eye candy on their wrist" bands in less than three days as the company ships directly from its own warehouse in Jacksonville, Florida. Spartan Watches is making sure to put the interests of the customers above anything. This means providing more to its clients. 

Customers will be relieved to know that they can track their orders. At Spartan Watches, all domestic orders come with tracking. Even international orders have tracking, depending on the delivery country. And while Canadian orders do not have tracking, issues with lost orders are rare.

Spartan Watches do its best to only ship complete orders. Yes, there are cases when the customer's order can be split into two or more packages. However, this is only caused by different manufacturing locations. In such cases, the customer will be provided with two or more tracking numbers. This way, they can still track their orders and lost orders will be prevented from happening.

This is most especially helpful for Spartan Watches' upcoming Halloween Sale Event that you definitely don't want to miss. 

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Smartwatch owners are so excited about our upcoming sale event! The Spartan Watches' Spooktacular Spartan Sale allows customers to buy three smartwatch bands at low prices and they will get a freebie. 

If it’s your first time to buy from us, you will be receiving another free item together with your first purchase at Spartan Watches!

Want to know what these aforementioned free items are? One of them is a FREE screen protector which you can get on your first purchase! Just use the coupon code "EXTRASPECIAL" if you want it! The coupon can be used for the items found here

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