Stainless Steel Milanese Band + Protective Case for Apple Watch

Stainless Steel Milanese Band + Protective Case for Apple Watch

The Milanese Loop band is one of the most popular watch straps for Apple Watch. It is stunning and smooth, and the perfect choice if you want something more professional than a silicone watch band. The Milanese Loop is made of stainless steel mesh that wraps around your wrist in a continuous, adjustable loop. 

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This watch strap has tiny metal links woven together on specialized Italian machines. The magnetic clasp of the Milanese Loop allows for easy adjusting. Having the perfect watch band for your Apple Watch is not the only thing you have to keep in mind. You might want to look into getting a protective case for your wearable device.

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Yes, the materials used to manufacture the Apple Watch, especially on the more expensive models, can withstand everyday use. However, there are still several reasons to use a case or cover. Using a protective case or cover is an inexpensive way to accessorize your wearable device. It also adds a bit of color to your Apple Watch. A protective case can provide you peace of mind that your Apple wearable device will be protected from knocks and bumps.

Best Protective Case for Your Apple Watch

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Your Apple Watch deserves the same protection as your smartphone, especially if you want to prevent damages on your wearable device. When it comes to choosing the right protective cover, it is important that you pick the one that can keep your watch safe without interfering with performance. It should also not ruin your style. 

The following are some of the best protective cases for your Apple Watch that goes perfectly with your Milanese Band: 

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This full coverage silicone case from Spartan Watches offers 360-degree protection to your Apple Watch. It is designed to seamlessly attach to the watch's surface and shield it from any harm that it may get exposed to. Moreover, this protective case can be adjusted to fit any size Apple Watch efficiently. 

  • OtterBox EXO EDGE Case. This protective case offers a very modern design and battle-hardened protection. It is made of PC and TPE. It incorporates bumpers around its edges, so falls and other shocks will not be a problem for it or your Apple Watch. 

    The OtterBox EXO EDGE Case boasts a distinct bezel around its edge. It protects the display of Apple Watch in the event of a direct impact. 

    • Casetify Apple Watch Case. This protective case has a minimal design complemented by very dependable protection. It has the soft TPU that absorbs falls and collisions. The material in this protective case means that it fits your Apple Watch very snugly. You can remove it and reapply without much effort. 
      • UAG Civilian Watch Case. This Apple Watch case is stylishly sturdy that features dual-layer protection and raised edges. It will protect your wearable device in the rare event you drop it while putting it on or taking it off. 

        The UAG Civilian Watch Case has a squarish design and is ultra-light. It is easy to fit and remove, with buttons and cutouts in all the right places. This protective case looks very sharp and will not let your Apple Watch down. 

        • Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case. This protective case is made of a mix of hard polycarbonate and tempered glass. It provides all-over protection for your Apple wearable device. 

          The Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case combines a case for the rear and sides with a screen protector. As such, regardless of how your Apple Watch falls to the ground, it will protect your wearable device from the vast majority of accidents and impacts. This protective case is also very thin. So, it will not reduce the brightness and vividness of the screen of your Apple Watch. It also does not reduce its responsiveness. 

          • Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case. Do you want to avoid placing a cover over the face of your Apple Watch and you still want extra protection? This protective case is perfect for you. The Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case has an extremely lightweight body of 0.7 grams. It is constructed with genuine carbon fiber material. 

            The Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case has a glossy finish that fits snugly and looks stylish on your wrist. It fits your Apple Watch precisely and promises to enhance your smartwatch experience and appearance. 

            • RhinoShield Bumper Case. This thin and light bumper protective case provides an impact-resistant polymer exterior. It gives you the ultimate in drop protection up to four feet. You will notice that the case rises just slightly above the screen surface to protect the face of your Apple wearable device from damaging impacts. 

              The RhinoShield Bumper Case has precise cutouts that provide full access to the digital crown, heart rate sensor, and charger of your Apple Watch. This protective come in a variety of colors to complement your watch band. 

              • Catalyst Waterproof Case. This protective case is designed to protect your Apple Watch wherever you go and whatever you do. It features 360-degree protection. It maintains full function IP68 waterproof protection at 3360 feet and MIL-STD 810G drop protection up to 6.6 feet. You will get direct access to your touch screen even though it is protected from water, dust, dirt, and snow. 

                The Catalyst Waterproof Case has a raised bezel that protects the screen from routine scratches and bumps. The acoustic technology of this protective case promotes crisp, clear audio. It is rugged and comes with a comfortable hypoallergenic silicone band. 

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