Will An Apple Watch Band Fit a Fitbit Blaze?

Will An Apple Watch Band Fit a Fitbit Blaze?

Apple Watch and Fitbit are two of the best smartwatches on the market. Both support interchangeable bands, however, the latter has fewer choices in color and material compared to the former.

Apart from the smartwatch itself, Apple also boasts of its watch bands that are compatible across all the generations of Apple Watch. Likewise, Fitbit also showed off its high-quality bands that can fit to your lifestyle.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit Blaze

Is an Apple watch band compatible with a Fitbit blaze?

Consumers often make comparisons among brands, products and product classes in order to allocate their budget. It is also to determine which brand or product has the higher quality and will last for a long time. Apple and Fitbit are not an exemption to this.

- Design. Apple is known for its design prowess, as such, its smartwatch is expected to be stylish. Likewise, Apple has a plethora of options for straps; from sporty to classy. Fitbit Blaze, on the other hand, while it is not up to par to Apple in terms of looks, it is one of the best-looking smartwatches of Fitbit.

- Quality. As a product focused as activity trackers, smart watches are expected to have better resistance. Fitbit Blaze can handle sweat, rain and an accidental dunk in the water. However, it is not recommended to use it for a dive. Apple Watch, on the other hand, has a water resistance of up to 50 meters.

- Functionality. In terms of a functional smart watch, several users prefer the Apple Watch rather than the Fitbit Blaze. Apple Watch has support from an abundance of apps that give it the ability to interact with content and media directly from the watch. Fitbit Blaze, on the other hand, can handle text, call and calendar alerts. It can manage other notifications from apps like Facebook and Gmail. It also has music controls.

- Compatibility. Not all consumers have iPhones, iOS devices that the Apple Watch supports. Fitbit Blaze, however, supports Android, iOS and Windows devices, which make it a consumer-friendly and more accessible to the entire market smart watch.

- Fitness tracking. Fitbit Blaze has a basic functionality such as automatic step counting and automatic exercise tracking. This includes the ability to distinguish between walking, running, cycling, elliptical, and some sports. Fitbit Blaze also has a built-in FitStar support which offers a modicum of predetermined workouts. Its biggest advantage over the Apple Watch is its automatic exercise tracking. In contrast, the Apple Watch has an app ecosystem which allows it to perform almost the same function as Fitbit Blaze. 

- Battery Life. Too busy or lazy to charge your smartwatch? There will be no problem if you use your Fitbit Blaze without charging for a day as it has an estimated battery life of up to five (5) days. Whereas, you can get a full day out of the Apple Watch, however, you have to charge it once a day.   

- Bands. Apple, as mentioned before, has a wide variety of bands to choose from. It has several color and material choices compared to Fitbit Blaze. However, if you wanted a quick change of bands, the actual unit of the Fitbit Blaze can be removed from the frame and straps easily. Apple Watch, on the other hand, will take a minute or two for you to change your bands or straps.

Replacing Fitbit Blaze Band

What straps are ideal for Fitbit Blaze?

Most of the smart watch users purchase the device for its fitness tracking and at the same time take the time to choose which is the most stylish. As such, there are users that wonder whether Apple Watch bands, with its plethora of colors and designs, can be used for Fitbit Blaze, which is cheaper than the Apple brand.

Scouring the internet, you will notice that there's no one who talks of changing their Fitbit Blaze strap to an Apple Watch band. Why?

- Fitbit band selection. Fitbit, while not as numerous as Apple, has a huge selection of high-quality bands. Its bands come in leather, silicone, stainless, among others.

- Affordability. Fitbit has compatible straps at affordable prices. You can have quality pieces and save on the costs when you shop at Spartan Watches.

Things to Consider in Choosing Your Band

In shopping for bands for your Fitbit Blaze, there are some points you have to consider apart from its style and the price.  

- Comfort. Fitbit Blaze as a fitness tracker is designed for everyday use. It means the smartwatch will be on your wrist for hours. As such, the band you will be purchasing should be comfortable to wear.

- Fit. You should get the correct strap, not just the color you want but also the necessary width or length of it. It should be fit to your wrist, not too tight and not too loose. Before paying for the band, you should check the size guide for more information.     

- Maintenance. You should consider whether the band you chose is easy or difficult to clean. Leather and metal wristbands are more delicate than the bands made of silicone.

Bands for Fitbit Blaze

There's plenty of bands for Fitbit Blaze, which one is for you?

The Fitbit Blaze uses 22mm watch straps. You can improve its looks by using its official bands and third-party straps. Here are some of the third party straps compatible for your smart watch.

- Nicwea Nylon Band. If you wanted to have a nylon band that looks a lot like Apple's, Nicwae has made their own version for Fitbit Blaze. This band has a silver oval clasp at the end.

- Umtele Sports Silicone. If you wanted your Fitbit Blaze to look more like a smartwatch made by Apple, Umtele has a good strap for you. Umtele has a sports silicone band that came in several colors for the spring and summer time.

- RustikLeather Single Tour. This strap is a handmade leather band that uses a combination of brown and black leathers. The strap has white stitching that gives it a character. Its design gives it a balance between extravagance and simple elegance.

- htparts Mesh Bracelet with Skull Charm. Do you want a more comfortable and classy metal for your Fitbit Blaze? Mesh bracelets are perfect for you. And if you are metal enough, you can also get a little skull charm from htparts.

- Bayite Floral Band. The TPU band from Bayite is a good choice if you wanted some vibrancy to your wrist. The TPU band has a soft material with a floral pattern. 

It is true that there are several affordable third-party bands on the market to choose from. However, if you wanted to have a band that will assure you of its high quality and top-notch materials, you could try replacing your Fitbit Blaze strap for Apple Watch bands. Just make sure that the size of your preferred band is compatible with your smart watch. 



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