Are Apple Watch Bands Worth It?

Are Apple Watch Bands Worth It?

Tagged as the "eye candy for your wrist," the Apple Watch bands come with various sizes, colors and styles that can match your taste, your outfit, and the latest trend. Going on a business trip, a date or a family outing? There's an array of Apple Watch bands ready to turn your watch into a casual accessory or a bold statement. That's what's great about Apple Watch bands. You can customize your watch with a strap that suits your style. 

 Apple watch bands have incredible features. Here are the ones worth taking note of.

Is it costly? Yes. Is it worth the prize? Some might argue that it might be too expensive to be worth it. While others find it worth the money they pay for. Before choosing your side, let's take a look at the reasons why you should buy Apple Watch bands.

Benefits of Apple Watch Bands

Before immediately deciding whether or not you should spend your money to buy the Apple Watch bands, here are some reasons as to why despite being pricey, these bands are still worth the budget.

- Size and Colors. One of the top things to consider when buying your Apple Watch bands. Most of the techie people are also those who wanted bands that suit their outfits of the day as well as the event or activities they'll be attending. Apple Watch Bands have a variety of colors. You can choose metallic, white and black or different shades of red, blue, green, pink and orange.  

- Design. Apple Watch bands have clever designs for breathability, making it more comfortable for the wearer. It is also hard-wearing and simple.

- Apple Quality. Yes, it is pricey because it's Apple. However, the brand also means that the product you're getting is of best quality. You can be assured that the materials used to make these bands are of nicer materials. It's guaranteed to be not the knock-offs that you will find on certain auction sites. This also indicates that you are not going to end up with odd things happening to your skin after you wear it for hours.

- Support for LGBTQ organizations. Apple has released their Pride watch band showing their support and unity with the LGBTQ organizations. There's even a Nike version. While there is no confirmation that buying the pride band contributes money to the LGBTQ organizations, Apple has states that it works actively with GLSEN, PFLAG, Encircle, Gender Spectrum, the National Center for Transgender Equality and Trevor Project, SMYAl, and ILGA World.

Apple Watch Bands and Features

 There are so many types of Apple watch bands. Here are just some of them.

What's good with the Apple Watch bands is that regardless of which generation of Apple Watch you own, all the straps remain compatible across all the generations. It could be the currently available Apple Watch Series, Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 3, or the discontinued Series 5, Series 4, Series 2, Series 1 and the original Apple Watch.

All the straps can also be mixed and matched with several models to be had, including the Nike, Hermès and Watch Edition models.

Apple Watch Band Types

Apple has several watch band types, from a sport loop band, rugged woven nylon band to an office-acceptable nylon strap. There's also different enclosures such as stainless steel buckle and magnetic clasp.

- Solo Loop. This type of band is a stretchable liquid silicone rubber designed for ultra-comfort with no buckles or clasps. It comes in various colors such as Kumquat, Northern Blue, Plum, Pink Citrus, Deep Navy, Cyprus Green, Ginger, Red, Black, and White.

- Braided Solo Loop. It is stretchable recycled yarn interwoven with silicone threads designed for ultra-comfort. It has no buckles or clasps. It comes with five colors, namely: Atlantic Blue, Inverness Green, Pink Punch, Red, and Charcoal.

- Sport Band. This band is a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer with a pin-and-tuck closure. Colors available for this band are Black Unity, Northern Blue, Plum, Kumquat, Ginger, Cyprus Green, Deep Navy, Pink Citrus, Red, Pink Sand, White, Black, and Pride Edition.

- Sport Loop. This type of band is a soft, breathable nylon weave with an easily adjustable hook-and-loop fastener. It has seven available colors: Kumquat, Deep Navy, Plum, Inverness Green, Charcoal, Red, and Cream.

- Nike Sport Band. This is a lightweight fluoroelastomer band with compression-molded perforations for breathability. It comes in Blue Black/Bright Mango, Obsidian Mist/Black, Spruce Aura/Vapor Green, Pride Edition, Pure Platinum/Black, and Anthracite/Black.

- Nike Sport Loop. It's a quick-fastening, flexible nylon weave with reflective thread. Colors exclusive to Nike: Purple Pulse, Obsidian Mist, Spruce Aura, Summit White, and Black.

- Leather. This band has distinctive leather designs with magnetic or stainless steel closures. It has three designs: leather link, modern buckle, and leather loop. The leather links are available in Baltic Blue, California Poppy, Saddle Brown, and Black. The modern buckles are in Garnet, Scarlet, Pink Citrus, and Saddle Brown. Leather loops, on the other hand, have Saddle Brown and Black.

- Stainless Steel. This band is crafted from stainless steel alloy with custom magnetic or butterfly closures. It comes in three kinds: the Milanese Loop (Gold, Graphite, and Silver), Link Bracelet (Silver and Space Black), and Link Bracelet Kit (Silver and Space Black).

How to choose your Apple Watch band?

Choose the right Apple watch band for you. Here's how.

Finally deciding to buy your Apple Watch band? Here's something you should take into consideration prior to purchasing your Apple Watch band.

- Wrist Size. Before choosing the design, style and color of your desired band, you should first determine your wrist size. An ideal watch strap should neither be too tight nor too loose. Taking the measurement of the circumference of your wrist will help in achieving the best possible length of your band. To measure your wrist, use a meter of seamstress or a string or tape and put it on a ruler. Wrap your wrist loosely. When you get the measurement, round to half a centimeter above.

- Choosing the Apple Watch band. Now's the time to choose the Apple Watch band you wanted to purchase. What color do you want? Do you want something metallic-looking such as gold, silver or platinum? Or perhaps something simple like red, blue, black or white. What kind of band do you think is comfortable to use? Leather, nylon or rubber? Choose the band that you think suits you and perfect for all occasions.

The question "Is it worth it?" is always the first that comes into a consumer's mind when browsing items or products he/she needed or wanted. There's also the quantity and quality never-ending debate.

However, there's also the fact that products are usually expensive due to the quality of materials. Particularly the value and durability of the materials used to create said product. In the end, it is up to the consumer whether they opt to purchase a cheaper make or an expensive item with topnotch quality and may last for a long time. 

Are Apple Watch Bands really worth your money? Check out this YouTube Review of the Apple Watch Stainless Steel Band to find out!