How To Get Glass Screen Protector Off Apple Watch

How To Get Glass Screen Protector Off Apple Watch

The touchscreen of your Apple Watch is the primary access route to the features and capabilities stored within. Protection of the screen prevents visual damage to keep your watch looking like new and preserves all-important functionality.


There are several causes why you need to take your screen protector off. These include cases wherein: 

  • You want to upgrade your existing screen protector with a more stable version.
  • Your screen protector is cracked.
  • You are cleaning your Apple Watch. 

It is important to know how to remove the glass screen protector for the apple watch. Here's how you can safely remove a screen protector from your Apple Watch with minimum effort. 

The easiest way to take off a screen protector is to use a credit card, guitar pick/plectrum, or toothpick. 

  1. First, slide your chosen tool under each corner in turn. Take care not to scratch the screen of your Apple Watch.
  2. With a corner pulled up, push the tool left and right to encourage detachment. 
  3. After that, push a credit card gently along the length of the display to remove the screen protector. 

If you do not have any suitable pieces of card or toothpicks, you could use your fingers. A strong fingernail should slide between your screen protector and your device's display. 

  1. First, start by sliding your fingernail under each corner of the screen protector
  2. Next, choose the corner that resists the least and wiggle your nail around. 
  3. Once the screen protector detaches from the display, you should move your nail along the edge. 
  4. As air rushes under the screen protector, lift it slowly and carefully. It should be with equal force along its length.

You can also use this Spudger Plastic Pry Tool Kit to safely remove the screen protector on your Apple Watch if none of those mentioned above works. 

Once you finally remove the screen protector, you should clean the display. Muck and gunge typically gather around the edge when you use a screen protector. They usually consist of dirt and sweat. As such, you should clean it off.  

Use this YTT Touchscreen Mist Cleaner Screen Cleaner on your Apple Watch screen to remove any dirt and remaining adhesive. 

Can't Remove My Glass Screen Protector For My Apple Watch. Any Tips?

The glass screen protector is stuck on the apple watch, and you cannot remove it? Maybe the strong adhesive that keeps the protector in place is the cause. Well, there are different ways to remove it. You can try these methods to get rid of the problem:

  1. Turn off your device first.
  2. Using duck tape, place a piece of it on the corner of the screen protector.
  3. Gently pull the tape upward and towards you to remove the protector.

If that doesn't work, try this:

  1. Turn your device off.
  2. Set a hairdryer to the lowest setting and hold it near your device—but no closer than 6 inches away—moving it up and down the length of the protector for 15 seconds. Be sure not to set the dryer too high or hold it on the device too long to avoid overheating it.
  3. Try removing the screen protector by gently lifting and prying it at the corners.


Should I get a screen protector for my Apple Watch?

Apple Watch screens are scratch-resistant, but it does not mean they are invincible. Screen protectors are essential for the Apple Watch. A screen protector is suitable for your watch if you want to keep it in perfect condition for a long time. They not only protect the watch from scratches but also protect it from water damage. You will have to pay extra for this, but it's worth it in the long run.

Apple Watch screen protectors are made of tempered glass or plastic. This material protects the watch from scratches and prevents damage to the display by absorbing impact when the watch falls on a hard surface.

The other advantage of using an Apple Watch screen protector is that they also serve as a protection against water, dust, and dirt particles.


How to put Apple watch screen protector on without bubbles

Apple Watch is a beautiful device, and it is worth protecting it with a screen protector.

This topic will show you how to put an Apple watch screen protector on without bubbles.

  1. Clean the screen of your Apple Watch with a microfiber cloth or a wet wipe to remove any dust or dirt on it.
  2. Peel off one side of the adhesive backing and apply it to one end of your Apple Watch, then slowly peel off the other side while using pressure in an up-and-down motion.

3) Apply pressure to ensure that there are no air bubbles left between the protector and your watch's face, and then use a credit card or similar object to push out any remaining air bubbles from under the protector's edges.


The Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch

There are several screen protectors available in the market nowadays. So, choosing the right screen protector can be overwhelming. Here are some of the best screen protectors for your Apple Watch. 

  • Spartan Watches Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch. This glass screen protector has flexibility and softness that induce an easy, delicate touch screen experience. It presents an original clear image quality and high-speed response. 

The tempered glass screen protector from Spartan Watches is made with high-precision 9H glass. It is built to fend off dust particles, dirt, and any scratches caused by external pressures. It makes your wearable device smudge-proof and the screen crystal clear. This screen protector has precise cutouts that allow full function of your Apple Watch. It is designed to perfection and attaches seamlessly to offer lasting protection. 

  • PZOZ Apple Watch Screen Protector. This affordable screen protector gives you easy access to both the digital crown and the side button. It protects your Apple Watch from dings and everyday wear. 



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