Our Story. 

Do you remember the frustration of getting inaccurate readings from your Apple Watch, or dealing with a sweaty, sticky, or itchy silicone band that just didn't fit your wrist properly? Marko Ceki, an Apple Watch and exercise enthusiast, had the same experience. He tried ordering a cheaper band from Amazon, only to have it snap and break off his wrist. Unable to afford a replacement from Apple, he decided to take matters into his own hands.

After spending countless hours researching and understanding the needs of Apple Watch users, Spartan Watches was born in early 2016. Marko's goal was to create a brand that designs bands that fit your wrist, offers styles and colors that get compliments, focuses on high-quality and affordability, and provides education for your Apple Watch and accessories. But that was just the beginning.

As he continued to discover other issues that Apple Watch users were facing, Marko began finding and sharing solutions. He started sharing knowledge about the functionality and enjoyment of the Apple Watch, answering common questions like “how to fix the Apple Watch release button stuck” or “can you wear an Apple Watch on your ankle?” With over 27,000+ Spartan Watches customers, it was only natural to expand their offerings to include chargers, screen protectors, and cases, so that users could conveniently obtain everything they needed in one place.

What motivates Spartan Watches to be the best is simple: they care about your overall experience. They stand behind their products and show their sincere appreciation for you by ensuring you get the most out of your Apple Watch investment. Their mission isn't just to sell watch bands, but to provide solutions that will enrich your life.

So how do you choose the perfect band for your Apple Watch? Spartan Watches makes it easy. They offer a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs and personal style.

Join the thousands of satisfied Spartan Watches customers and experience the difference in quality, fit, and affordability for yourself.


Our Values

We believe that the Apple Watch is the 21st century equivalent of the sword: a tool that everyone can wield and change the world with. We build products to ensure that your Apple Watch is there whenever you need it. And no matter what product we’re working on, we always turn back to our core values: world-class materials, durability, and attention to detail.