Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide

Apple Watch Band Sizing Guide

Every Apple Watch users, fans, and enthusiasts know that one of the best features of the Apple wearable device is its ability to be customized. It is easy to change its look to match your style, personality, your outfit, and the event you will be attending. You only need to swap watch bands. 

But the thing is, while you can adjust your Apple Watch band, you must get the right case size for your wearable device. The new Apple Watch Series 7 has 41mm and 45mm case sizes. The Series 4, 5, 6, and Apple Watch SE models come in 40 and 44mm. You can also find older models, such as the Apple Watch Series 3 and lower, with 38mm and 42mm casing.

The measurements indicate the size of the bezel of the Apple Watch model. However, the watch bands always play a role in the specific fit of the wearable device on your wrist. If you plan on getting the 40mm Apple Watch model, you can expect that it has a width of 34mm, a depth of 10.7mm, and a case weight of around 30g. The 44 model, on the other hand, has a width of 38mm, 10.7mm depth, and a 36g case weight. The 38mm Apple Watch model has a width of 33.3mm, and the 44mm model has a width of 35.9mm. 

How to Choose the Right Apple Watch Band Size

Apple Watch band size is the width of the watch strap.

Choosing the right Apple Watch band size can be a daunting task. It's important to know that there are two sizes - 38mm and 42mm. When deciding on the correct size, your wrist is also something to consider.

The 38mm will be more suited for people with smaller wrists, while the 42mm will be better suited for those with larger wrists.

Lastly, you may want to consider how much you plan to wear your Apple Watch at any time. If you wear it all day long, it's best to go with the larger size; if not, you should go with a smaller band.

How to measure your wrist for Apple Watch bands

Apple Watch bands come in different sizes, and it is essential to measure your wrist before you buy a new band.

Using a flexible measuring tape is the most accurate way to measure your wrist for an Apple Watch band. Place the end of the tape at the top of your wrist bone, wrap it around the circumference of your wrist and then read the measurement in inches or centimeters. Take this measurement and compare it with the size of Apple Watch bands available online or in stores near you.

Apple Watch Bands and their sizes

After determining your wrist size, it's time to know about Apple Watch band sizes. Apple Watch bands are incompatible with other case sizes and will only fit the selected case size. As such, a size five for a 40mm case does not work with a 44mm case, and vice versa. 

The following are the different kinds of Apple Watch bands and its sizes: 

  • Apple Watch Braided Solo Loop: 12 sizes for each watch size. You have to calculate your size.
  • Apple Watch Leather Loop: One size band for each watch size.
  • Apple Watch Silver Link Bracelet: One size band for each watch size.
  • Apple Watch Classic Buckle: Three sizes for each watch size (S/M/L)


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