How To Clean Nylon Apple Watch Bands

How To Clean Nylon Apple Watch Bands

Apple and third-party companies offer an array of great bands for the Apple Watch. This makes picking out a watch band overwhelming to those who are not familiar with the materials and designs used of the straps. 

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One of the best materials for the Apple Watch bands is nylon. You see, nylon is a tough synthetic fabric or polyester that is incredibly easy to produce. You will find that Nylon Apple Watch bands are lightweight, soft and smooth. You can purchase these bands with varied patterns and colors that do not cost much. 

If you already have a Nylon Apple Watch band but you do not know how to clean it, you only need to follow these steps

  1. First, remove the band from your Apple Watch
  1. Next, wipe down the nylon band with a non abrasive, lint-free cloth. If you think it's necessary, you can lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water. 
  1. After that, allow the nylon to dry. Make sure not to place your watch band in direct sunlight, high temperatures and humid conditions. These can cause damage to your nylon watch strap

Best Nylon Watch Bands for Apple Watch

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Nylon Apple Watch bands are less formal than traditional leather or metal straps. However, they do not look quite as casual as a silicone band. Nylon watch bands can give a style that looks outdoorsy but still refined. The following are the best nylon watch bands that goes well together with your Apple Watch: 

  • Apple Watch Sport Loop. This official Apple accessory has a double-layer nylon design that features extra cushion and comfort. This makes it ideal for several activities and all-day wear. 

Since Nylon is breathable, you can wear this sport loop band straight from a morning workout to a morning meeting. Moreover, this watch strap comes in a variety of colors. 

  • Spartan Watches Nylon Sport Loop for Apple Watch. This Nylon Sport Loop is carefully crafted with a single loop design to bring you the strongest hold possible. This watch strap is made with more than 500 threads woven together of 100 percent durable nylon. 

You will find that this woven Nylon Sport Loop is impervious to both tears and abrasions. It also has the fastest closing system possible in the form of a secure Velcro closure. You can adjust and secure your wearable device on-the-go easily within seconds. 

  • Salty USA Nylon Watch Band. Most people refer to this watch strap as the best nylon Apple Watch band. The Salty USA Nylon Watch Band can give your wearable device a classic, simple smartwatch look. This woven style can be extremely durable and long-lasting. 
  • Apple International Collection Sport Loop. Are you looking for a watch strap that will express your nationality on your wrist? The Apple International Collection Sport Loop is the way to go. This watch band is made from soft and breathable material. 

The Apple International Collection Sport Loop has a double layer nylon weave. It offers dense loops on the skin side for soft cushioning while still allowing moisture to escape. 

  • Nike Sport Loop. Do you often run in dim or dark lights? The Nike Sport Loop is a good option for you. It can help illuminate you a little. This watch band has a nylon weave with reflective thread through it so it is designed to shimmer when light strikes it. 

The Nike Sport Loop is lightweight and breathable, and comes in colors that match with a line of Nike running shoes. 

  • PalmettoBands Nylon Sport Loop Band. This watch band ensures you will light up on your run or stand out at the gym. This strap is cheap yet cheerful. It is made from breathable nylon material. 

The PalmettoBands Nylon Sport Loop Band is bordering on disposable at its price so it is great if you are prone to a few mishaps at the gym or liable to end up muddy. This watch band is bright enough to stand out. It could also be useful in dim light. 

  • Wepro ThinRainbow Strap. This watch band has a little bohemian style and a stretchy design. The Wepro ThinRainbow Strap is made from woven elastic nylon, so it is comfy and secure at all times. It has a buckle that makes it easy to arrange this band conveniently on your wrist. 
  • Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop. This watch band is gorgeous to look at. It offers a nylon weave with reflective rainbow yarn so it shimmers when light strikes it. This makes the band ideal for late night runs. 

The Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop has a hook and loop fastener that is easy to adjust depending on how much room you need. And since it has a breathable design, you will never feel sweaty wearing this band. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up at the end of November. So, if you are thinking about buying new watch straps for your Apple Watch, this is the time. 

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So you might want to go visit the website now and begin choosing the best smartwatch bands for you. The Black Friday sale opens at midnight of November 26 and ends at noon (12 p.m. EST) on November 28. While the Cyber Monday sale starts at midnight of November 29 and ends at midnight of November 30.

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