Does Fitbit Watch Band Stretch?

Does Fitbit Watch Band Stretch?

Most of the people have a busy schedule. Perhaps due to work or, for parents, keeping the house orderly and the children safe and entertained. Because of your busy schedule, you ignore how much you move each day. 

Do you want to improve your health? You may want to lose weight and reduce your risk for serious health problems. Or you want to become stronger and feel better about yourself while having fun at the same time. A Fitbit is perfect for you. 

A Fitbit is a piece of technology that you can wear around your wrist to measure your daily steps and heart rate, among others. Manufacturers designed Fitbits to motivate people by measuring their progress toward their health and fitness goals. 

These devices usually enable you to track your achievements during exercise and assess the data via the Fitbit smartphone app.   


As a fitness tracker, Fitbit is a great way to improve your health and a motivator. How? 

Through this wearable, you can always visibly see how many steps you have taken at any time during the day. You can also join groups where other people can see how many steps you have taken. Additionally, these people can challenge you to do more. 

Depending on the specific model of your Fitbit, you can use it for

  • Tracking your sleeping patterns
  • Monitoring and following your heart rate
  • Keeping track of the level of oxygen in your blood
  • GPS tracking during exercise
  • Receiving call and text notifications
  • Paying for items when out and about
  • Storing and listening to music

Studies have shown that walking regularly can positively affect your fitness and general health. Based on a study, adults who take 8,000 or more steps each day have a lower risk of death from numerous diseases than those who take fewer than 4,000 steps each day. 

Your fitness device, your Fitbit, tracks your daily steps. This can positively affect your health. 


Now that you know the benefits of using your Fitbit, you must get the right band to go perfectly with the device. If your Fitbit watch band stretches, you will find that it is unlikely to happen. 

For instance, if you have a silicon band, it will typically not stretch. That's because the material of the strap is not elastic. 

You're probably worried that your band is getting loose. The reason for that is not the band stretching out but because your wrist is getting smaller. This is most likely because you are losing weight. 

If your band keeps stretching out and running out of notches to tighten the band, you should ask for assistance. You can contact Fitbit Support/Help. 


If you are still planning to shop for a Fitbit device, you should first measure your wrist. This is to make sure that the Fitbit and the band you purchase will be super comfortable around your wrist. 

Fitbit makes it very easy for you to get an accurate wrist measurement. This is so you can be sure your Fitbit will fit properly. 

If you are wondering how you can get your wrist measurement, what you can do is:

  1. First, find a piece of string. 
  2. Next, wrap it around your wrist about two fingers below your wrist bone. 
  3. After that, measure how long the piece of string is.  
  4. Once you have that information, match your wrist size with a Fitbit band size. 

Remember, your Fitbit needs to be comfortable to wear. Otherwise, you will not enjoy using it. Getting the right size also means your Fitbit will stay on track when working out or exercising daily. 

What are the Best Bands for Your Fitbit? 

Your Fitbit can go everywhere with you. As such, it can be helpful to have a few different band options. This is to help your device better fit into the situation you are in or to freshen up the look to make your Fitbit feel new. 

The following are some of the best bands that can go perfectly together with your Fitbit device. 

  • Silicone Band. This band is an ideal replacement band for your Fitbit device. The silicone band attaches seamlessly to your device. It is made of premium silicone material that is soft to the skin for a very comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. 

The silicone band comes with a 100 percent stainless steel buckle clasp to hold the Fitbit device in place. This allows maximum comfort while you continue with your activity. This band is both durable and fashionable with its wide range of exciting colors. 

  • Leather Band. This band is fashionable and essential. It is made from the finest leather materials, providing you with a comfortable wearing experience. The leather material also provides comfort for your wrist while resonating its unique style. 

    This band has been manufactured with increased precision to ensure comfort and quality without any compromise on durability. 

    • Stainless Steel Link Band. Are you looking for a metal strap that enunciates luxury, elegance, and toughness? This classy stainless steel wrist band is perfect for you. 

    This band is designed for durability and poise. It is made from the best stainless steel to make sure it stands the test of time while maintaining its fresh appealing look. This strap also comes fitted with a fast and easy butterfly closure ensuring that your tracker rests comfortably on your wrist. 

    • Nylon Band. The nylon band is crafted from the finest canvas and nylon materials. It is designed for increased breathability and enhanced comfort. 

    This band has a hook and loop buckle closure that adequately secures the device on your wrist. The lightweight nylon band is a fashionable way to sport your tracker with outright confidence. 

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