Can You Replace the Band of Fitbit Charge?

Can You Replace the Band of Fitbit Charge?

Fitbit devices are meant to help you live a healthy life by tracking your fitness goals. The right Fitbit can assist you in taking control of your health by nudging you towards healthier habits. 

Can You Replace the Band of Fitbit Charge?

The device can make it easy for you to monitor your activity every day. Fitbit watches are designed to motivate you by measuring your progress towards your fitness goal. 

Fitbit has several product models in the activity tracking market. From the plain and simple Inspire to the top-of-the-range smartwatch Sense as well as the advanced activity wristband Charge. 

What are the Fitbit Charge Devices?

What are the Fitbit Charge Devices?
  • Fitbit Charge HR. One of the best all-around fitness bands with a good battery life. The Fitbit Charge HR combines heart rate tracking, sleep tracking, and fitness into an affordable, slim band. 

This fitness tracker works with Windows, iPhone, and Android phones. The Charge HR has a five-day battery life and connects with many third-party fitness apps.

  • Fitbit Charge 2. This fitness tracker has a tap-sensitive, OLED display. The Fitbit Charge 2 enables a multi-sport mode and has dedicated functions for recording workouts. 

This fitness band has a feature called Cardio Fitness Score, a combo hardware-software feature. In this feature, Fitbit uses our resting heart rate, which is recorded with the wristband; some of your exercise data; and your profile information. The said data and information are used to assign a heart-health score. 

The Fitbit Charge 2 has excellent battery life. You will be able to regularly get four to five days on full charge before you need to plug it in. 

  • Fitbit Charge 3. This fitness tracker is a great deal for you if you can live without on-board GPS. The Fitbit Charge 3 is an excellent fitness tracker and one of the best Fitbits you can buy. 

The Fitbit Charge 3 has a large screen and comes with fitness features. This includes a heart rate tracker, guided breathing, and improved notifications. You can even swim with it. 

The battery life of Fitbit Charge 3 lasts for four to five days. 

  • Fitbit Charge 4. Another one of the best fitness trackers you can buy. The Fitbit Charge 4 is simple and discreet enough for everyday wear. It also has all the features you need for tracking workouts. 

This device has on-board GPS, which makes it a viable option for runners who'd prefer to leave their phone at home. 

Can you Replace the Band of Your Fitbit Charge Device?

Can you Replace the Band of Your Fitbit Charge Device?

Yes, you can replace the band of your Fitbit Charge device. You should keep in mind that you cannot use Charge 2 bands for Charge HR, Charge 3 and Charge 4 and vice versa. However, you can use your Fitbit Charge 3 band on your Charge 4. 

What are the Bands You Can Use for Your Fitbit Charge? 

What are the Bands You Can Use for Your Fitbit Charge?

There are certain occasions when you wanted to wear your fitness tracker while attending an event and not just when you're doing your workouts. At times like those, it's best to have a band that matches your outfit. 

Fortunately for you, there are a vast selection of replacement bands you can choose for your Fitbit Charge device. 

For all the Fitbit Charge devices, you can use the following bands: 

  • Silicone Band. This band is perfect for everyday use. It is also ideal for running, exercising, and working out. The Silicone Band is made with durable silicone material and surgical-grade stainless steel buckle clasp. 

The silicone material of this band is soft to the skin for a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. The stainless steel buckle clasp is to ensure that you get the maximum comfort while using the band for any activity. 

The Silicone Band is both durable and fashionable with its wide range of colors for you to choose from.  

  • Stainless Steel Link Band. This band is both elegant and fashionable. The perfect band you can use if you want a strap that enunciates luxury, elegance, and toughness.

The Stainless Steel Link Band is made from the best stainless steel. It is provided with simple connectors that make it very easy to install and adjust. 

This band comes fitted with a fast and easy butterfly closure ensuring that your tracker rests comfortable on your wrist. 

  • Leather Band. This band is made from fine leather materials which provide comfort for your wrists. The Leather Band has a hook and loop buckle closure that secures the device on your wrist. It also comes in multiple colors. 

You can get the Silicone Band, Stainless Steel Link Band, and Leather Band at an affordable price at Spartan Watches. All of Spartan Watches' bands are backed by its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. This means, if you're not satisfied with the band you purchased, you can return it within 30 days. You will also receive a refund or store credit. 

For Fitbit Charge 2, you can use these bands: 

  • Milanese Stainless Steel Band. This band is the epitome of flexibility, durability, and finesse. The Milanese Stainless Steel Band is made with a strong woven stainless steel mesh. It also comes with high-precision connectors that are made to impeccably attach with your Fitbit device. 
  • FITnessBITsy Silver Cover Cuff. This silver cuff cover was inspired by Jamie and Claire Fraser and the Highlands of Scotland. This eye-catching and unique silver cover cuff comes in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit. 
  • Yonworth Elastic Band. Channel your bohemian vibes with this cool elastic band. The Yonworth Elastic Band is made of elastic nylon and offers a scrunchie-like fit. The elastic nylon is soft, stretchy, and fully adjustable.
  • Wonmille Band. This band is super soft and stretchy and comes in six different colors and patterns. The Wonmille Band is made of elastic, woven polyester for a skin-friendly and comfortable fit.   

For Fitbit Charge 3 and 4, you can use the following bands: 

  • Nylon Band. A lightweight and fashionable strap made from the finest canvas and nylon materials. The Nylon Band is designed to increase breathability and enhanced comfort. This band has a hook and loop buckle closure that secures the device on your wrist for an impeccable wearing experience. 
  • Wepro TPU Band. If you want a comfortable yet stylish band, the Wepro TPU Band is perfect for you. This band is made from a very soft material. The entire length of it has perforations so that it has great airflow allowing it to never feel restrictive on your wrist. 
  • hooroor Canvas Woven Band. This band is made from high-quality materials which made the hooroor Canvas Woven Band long-lasting and lightweight. It has a stainless steel buckle to ensure a secure fit. 
  • QIBOX Silicone Sport Band. A breathable and comfortable band. The QIBOX Silicone Sport Band fits perfectly to your Fitbit Charge 3 or Charge 4. It has a pin-and-tuck closure style. This is to ensure that the strap stays where you want it.

The QIBOX Silicone Sport Band is made from a durable material. It is safe and non-toxic, and this band will last as long as you need. 


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