Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band

Leather is one of the most common materials in the traditional watch industry. And it maintains its superior position in the smartwatch industry as well. That is because it is comfortable and its quality is excellent. Leather bands are made of skins from cattle hides, goats, and other animals. Leather is undoubtedly skin-friendly. 

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You will find that Leather Apple Watch Bands can go well with formal and casual attire. That is because these watch straps are elegant and at the same time low-profile. Just keep in mind that leather discolors, rips, and cracks as it ages. Moreover, it also absorbs sweat and dirt, so you might not want to use leather bands while doing workouts in the gym. 

Apple has its Leather Link band that features handcrafted Roux Granada leather made in France. This watch band elegantly wraps around your wrist and magically attaches. It has flexible molded magnets that gently flex to help maintain a secure, comfortable fit throughout the day. Read on to know more about Apple's Leather Link watch strap.

Upon looking at the Leather Link band of Apple, you will find that each side of the strap is made of two pieces of leather. It has several magnets sandwiched between. The long side of the band wraps over the small side to securely hold the watch strap on your wrist. This watch band comes in two sizes. These are the small/medium and medium/large. 

The Leather Link is extremely comfortable and a much warmer band to wear. It is also a great watch strap to wear to bed if you are using the sleep tracking feature on your Apple Watch. The Leather Link is comfortable enough on your wrist, but also soft if you happen to sleep with your hand or arm under your head. 

What Are The Best Leather Apple Watch Bands? 

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Apple Leather Link bands are considered expensive by most Apple Watch users. Fortunately, you can buy third-party genuine leather bands for your wearable device in the market. They are cheaper than the ones sold by Apple.  

There are several quality leather options to improve the look of your favorite Apple Watch. With the right watch strap, you will ensure that your wearable device goes from boardrooms to black tie with ease. 

The following are the best leather bands for your Apple Watch

  • Spartan Watches Leather Loop for Apple Watch. The leather loop band from Spartan Watches is fashionable. It is manufactured with the finest leather materials and finished with explicit attention to detail. It is comfortable to wear anytime of year. 

leather loop red

The leather loop band from Spartan Watches does not collect moisture on your skin. This watch strap keeps the Apple Watch nice and easy to wear on your wrist. This leather band is designed with a unique, strong magnetic closing mechanism. It makes the watch band infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. 

  • Nomad Leather Apple Watch Band. This leather band is simple and sleek. It is made of high-quality American-made Horween leather in black or brown. The Nomad Leather Apple Watch Band will give your wearable device the look of a classic accessory with the added modern appeal of a wrist computer. 
    • Mkeke Apple Watch Band. Are you looking for an affordable, high-quality leather watch band? The Mkeke Apple Watch Band is an impressive, great-feeling leather style on a budget with high-quality stitching.  

      It is a little bit on the thicker side, but it is a nice traditional option in upper-midrange quality. The stitching in this band is noteworthy since it is perfectly aligned and spaced. 

      • Arrow & Board Porter Band. It is a more refined leather strap perfect for people who want an understated leather band that looks like it costs more than it does. It has a great-feeling material and clean stitching. 

        The Arrow & Board Porter Band is soft and supple but thick enough to be sturdy. You will find that its smooth finish is more formal. It is better suited for wearing with a button-up shirt and blazer. Moreover, it has a much smaller and more refined buckle. It also has smaller loops for catching the tail of the strap after you close it. The leather in this watch band holds up to scuffs better than with other cheaper bands. 

        • Casetify Saffiano Leather Band. Do you want a more colorful faux leather watch band? The Casetify Saffiano Leather Band is the right one for you. This leather band is perfect for people who want a leatherlike strap that is thinner and more refined. This watch strap is more fashion forward than a traditional thick leather strap. 

        The Casetify Saffiano Leather Band stands out from the other leather bands with its Saffiano leather. It is wax-coated and cross-hatched. It is similar to the texture of some handbags or wallets. This finish makes the watch band feel less like leather but adds scratch and water resistance. The vegan leather in the Casetify Saffiano Leather Band can stand up to the elements better and can even last longer.  

        • Belkin Classic Leather Band. This watch band is an Italian leather watch strap that comes with a certain suppleness. The Belkin Classic Leather Band offers easy fit and is incredibly comfortable to wear hour after hour. It is simple with a classic cut and soft appearance. 

          The Belkin Classic Leather Band has a custom-designed buckle and hardware. It comes in three colors and two sizes. 

          The Barton Saddle Leather Band has quick release straps. The integrated spring bars in this watch band require only the push of a tiny button to set straps free. It makes it easy to switch to the strap that best suits your outfit or event. 

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