Third Party Solo Loop Apple Watch

Third Party Solo Loop Apple Watch

It is easy to change the look of your Apple Watch. After all, you only need to swap watch bands to match your personality, color and style. But if you are looking for a simple watch strap, the best one for you is the Solo Loop band. It has no clasp and only comes in solid colors. 

white solo loop

But the thing is, while the design of this watch band is simple, it is also the most complicated Apple Watch band to purchase. Why? That is because you have to pick a specific size for your Apple Watch model. The Solo Loop band stretches almost like a rubber band. The back of this strap has a slight indented that helps the Solo Loop to feel even thinner. 

The Solo Loop is one of the thinnest and lightest Apple Watch bands in the market. It is also the most secure watch strap, since it has no clasp. So, there is zero chance that you will catch it on something and that the Apple Watch strap opens up and falls off of your wrist. This watch band also holds your Apple Watch in place. The Solo Loop is not going to slide up and down your wrist. 

How To Change Your Apple Watch Band

gray solo loop

If you want to change your old watch strap to a Solo Loop band, you only need to follow these steps: 

  1. First, place your Apple Watch face down over a clean surface. You can use a lint-free, microfiber cloth or soft, padded mat. 
  1. Next, hold down the watch band release button. Then, slide the band across to remove it from your wearable device. 
  1. If the watch band does not slide out, you just need to press the band release button again. Make sure that you hold it down. 
  1. Next, make sure that the text on the watch band is facing you. After that, slide the Solo Loop band in until you feel and hear a click. 

To put your Solo Loop on your wrist or take it off, you simply pull from the bottom of the band to stretch it over your wrist. Keep in mind that you should never force the watch band into the slot. If you do not feel or hear a click, slide the band to the left, then to the right.

If the watch strap is installed properly, it will not freely slide until you hold down the band release button. If the watch band still does not lock, you should center the band. Then, push it into place. After that, carefully wiggle the watch band up and down. Do not wear your Apple Watch if the watch band is sliding. 

How To Clean Your Solo Loop Band

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Solo Loop band is made out of silicone, which is among the easiest materials to clean. As such, it is easy to clean your Solo Loop, especially if you follow these two steps: 

  1. First, wipe your Solo Loop band clean with a non abrasive, lint-free cloth. If you think it is necessary, you can lightly dampen the cloth with fresh water. You can also use mild hypoallergenic hand soap for cleaning. 
  1. After that, dry the band with a non abrasive, lint-free cloth before you attach it to your Apple Watch.

Can you use a disinfectant on your Apple Watch and Solo Loop band? Fortunately, you can.  You can use a 70 percent  isopropyl alcohol wipe, 75 percent ethyl alcohol wipe, or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. You can gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your Apple Watch and your Solo Loop

Make sure not to use products containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. You should avoid getting moisture in any openings of your Apple Watch. And do not submerge your wearable device in any cleaning agents.  

Best Third Party Solo Loop Apple Watch Bands

black solo loop

The following are some of the best third party Solo Loop Apple Watch bands you can purchase in the market:

  • Spartan Watches Solo Loop for Apple Watch. The Solo Loop band from Spartan Watches looks so similar to the ones you can find in Apple stores. Each band is specially treated with UV. It feels super smooth next to your skin because of its silky finish. 

The Solo Loop from Spartan Watches is made of stretchable liquid silicone rubber. It is designed for ultra comfort with no buckles or clasps. Is it also considered to be super comfortable to wear throughout a busy day. 

If you want to match with your outfit, you will be glad to know that the Solo Loop band from Spartan Watches comes in six shades. 

  • Ochboogie Solo Loop Strap. This Solo Loop gives a colorful rainbow look on your wrist and Apple Watch. This watch strap uses a steel slider instead of a traditional watch buckle. It is to keep the band in place with the natural stretchy feel of the nylon. It also makes sure that it is not going to slide around. 
    • DigiHero Braided Solo Loop. This watch band is a braided solo loop design on a budget. The DigiHero Braided Solo Loop looks great for the price. You will notice that it does not have the stretchiness of the official Solo Loop. So, you will need to make do with its loop buckle design instead. 

    The DigiHero Braided Solo Loop is made from 100 percent recycled materials. This watch band feels good on your skin. It also has plenty of breathability. 

    • AVOD Braided Solo Loop Watch Band. This watch strap is a full elastic band. It has no bulk, buckle, snagging and scratching. The AVOD Braided Solo Loop Watch Band is easy to take on and off your Apple Watch. 

    The AVOD Braided Solo Loop Watch Band is soft and full of texture. It has anti-perspiration and water-resistant properties. It also uses knitting craftsmanship to prevent the thread from loosening. What's more, it uses a unique stretchable design to ensure a comfortable and breathable experience. 

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