Which is Better: Smartwatch or Fitness Band?

Which is Better: Smartwatch or Fitness Band?

Smartwatches and fitness trackers are among the recent developments in the tech world. They are also among the best wearable tech accessories that can help you stay connected and track your daily activities. 

Which is Better: Smartwatch or Fitness Band?

From tracking your steps and heart rate monitoring to specific workout logs and activity statistics. These wearables can monitor your progress towards fitness goals. Despite being often grouped together, smartwatches and fitness bands or trackers are not the same at all.  So what makes these two different from each other?

Smartwatch vs Fitness Band

Smartwatch vs Fitness band

Perhaps the obvious differences between these two wearables are their appearance, main function, and target market. 

You will find that fitness bands or trackers are more focused on health and activity monitoring. 

Smartwatches, on the other hand, are targeted at fashion-conscious people who also want to keep fit. These people are those who want an attractive watch with good smart features and a touch of fitness features. 

Still confused? The following will help you determine which wearable is right for you. 

Why Choose a Smartwatch? 

A smartwatch is vastly different from a typical wristwatch. This device does more than just tell the time. It has the ability to sync with and control functions on your smartphone. This is what makes it smart. 

Smartwatches come with widespread functionality that is not limited to simple activity tracking. Devices like this can read messages, view incoming calls, check your notification, among others. 

Here are some of the features that make the smartwatch a better option for you. 

  • Notifications. Smartwatches can alert you of important events or activities. Your phone will automatically send you notifications of the messages and calls you receive via the smartwatch. So, instead of picking up your phone, you just need to glance at your wrist.  
  • Caffeine tracking. Are you the kind of person who relies on caffeine to get through the day? A coffee lover perhaps? If you have a smartwatch, it can monitor the amount of caffeine in your system. 
  • Stress monitoring. Smartwatches can monitor your stress levels. How? The device uses a combination of measures. This includes your heart rate and blood pressure. 

If you're used to chronic stress, your smartwatch can help you identify when you are stressed. It might even know you are stressed before you do. 

Your smartwatch can also help fight insomnia and other chronic stress symptoms. This is because you will have the opportunity to intervene in your stress before it causes problems. 

  • Travel. Smartwatch has a GPS that works similarly to your phone. This means your smartwatch can pull up a map and guide you to nearby locations. 

You can also use it to search out a specific destination. So if you are in need of a map, you will only have to glance at your wrist instead of pulling out your phone.

  • Save your smartphone battery. Having a smartwatch means that you will be using your phone less than usual. That is because you will have no need to always check your smartphone for messages and calls. 

With a smartwatch at your disposal, you won't miss notifications. You will also be less inclined to lose hours of scrolling through social media. 

  • Music. You can run music through your smartphone and use your smartwatch as a controller. You can use your smartwatch to change the volume and tracks. 
  • Advanced monitoring. There are smartwatches that have advanced tracking tools like an electrocardiogram heart monitor. This means you can provide the 24/7 data your doctor needs to give you condition-appropriate care. 
  • Dieting. Smartwatches can help with your diet. The device can track your calorie intake with every meal. You will also receive calorie estimates for your exercise. 

Believe it or not, having a smartwatch is a great way to encourage face-to-face socializing. This is because the need to constantly check your phone will decrease. 

You don't have to keep on looking at your phone to check if someone is sending you messages or trying to call you. 

Why Choose a Fitness Band/Tracker

As mentioned before, fitness bands of trackers are mainly focused on health and activity monitoring. These devices can give you insight into your day-to-day activity. This includes tracking your steps, calories, and sleep. 

The more advanced fitness bands support particular types of exercise or sports. There are others that offer multi-sport tracking. This means you can track your whole workout. 

The following are the features that might encourage you to buy a fitness band of your own. 

  • Monitoring heart rate. Almost every fitness band has a heart rate monitoring feature. Through this, you will get to see clear insights into your daily routine and workouts. There are even some fitness bands that provide accurate details on every single activity you perform.  
  • Tracking calories burnt. Having a fitness band will get you a measure of calories that you burned. The device can help you track the efforts you put in to burn calories. The more calories you burn, the more it is beneficial in maintaining vital body functions. 
  • Monitoring breathing. Did you know that every session of breathing in and out allows your body to function effectively? Fitness bands can help you stay calm, healthy, and more focused on what you do. These bands can measure beat-to-beat variations from your recorded heart rate. This will help determine a comfortable breathing rate. 
  • Sleep tracking. There are fitness trackers that monitor your sleep duration and quality. As you know, sleep quality has direct effects on your mood and health. There are fitness bands that have a sleep tracking feature. This feature records how much you sleep and lets you review sleep stages. The device even lets you schedule your sleep timings and get you back on track. 
  • Watching cardio fitness levels. There are fitness bands that have a cardio fitness feature. This feature calculates the amount of oxygen used by your body when you perform different activities. It also informs you how well your lungs, heart, and other organs use oxygen to function. 

If you want a device that helps you track your fitness goals and has the basic functions of a smartphone, a smartwatch is perfect for you. 

Are you the athletic kind of person? Then, you will need the perfect athletic band to match your smartwatch. The sport band is a great option for you. This band is made of custom high-performance fluoroelastomers. This means that the band is durable and strong but at the same time soft. This band is comfortable to use for those who are active and engage in sports. 

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