Best Apple Watch Band for Hot Yoga

Best Apple Watch Band for Hot Yoga

In recent years, hot yoga has become a popular exercise. It offers many of the same benefits as traditional yoga. This includes stress reduction, improved strength, and flexibility. 

With the heat turned up, hot yoga can give your heart, lungs, and muscles an even more incredible, more intense workout. 

Do you want to use your Apple Watch to help track your workout? However, the thing is, your Apple Watch should not be worn during hot yoga

You see, wearing your smartwatch during hot yoga would fall outside of Apple's handling guidelines for your Apple Watch. That's because hot yoga is performed in hot and humid conditions. 

According to Apple, your Apple Watch is designed for use in ambient temperatures between 32° and 95° F (0° and 35° C). Remember that your smartwatch can be damaged and battery life shortened if used outside this range. 

Another thing to remember is that you should avoid exposing your watch to dramatic changes in temperature or humidity. Using your Apple Watch for hot yoga may affect the water-resistance of your wearable. As such, you should also avoid wearing the device in a sauna or steam room. 

This doesn't mean you can't use your wearable while doing yoga. After all, your Apple Watch has a Workout app. You need to choose yoga through the app to track all yoga sessions, from restorative to power vinyasa flow. 

What are the Best Apple Watch Bands for Yoga?

Doing yoga, particularly hot yoga, will leave you sweaty. That's because you are performing yoga exercises in a heated environment. 

If you still want to use your Apple Watch for hot yoga, you should pick a watch band that will not ruin when exposed to sweat. The following are some bands you can use together with your Apple Watch. 

  • Apple Sport Band. This band is made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer. The Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft to wear. 

    This strap's smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist. This makes it feel comfortable next to your skin. The Apple Sport Band also has an innovative pin-and-tuck that ensures you will get a clean fit. 

    • Apple Sport Loop. The Apple Sport Loop is soft, breathable, and lightweight band that features a hook-and-loop fastener. This makes the strap quick and easy to adjust. This band is made from double-layer nylon weave. 

    It has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. This makes it a perfect watch band for sweating. On the reverse side of it, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability. 

    • Apple Braided Solo Loop. This band is made from a stretchable soft silicone material that's threaded to feel soft. Each Braided Solo Loop band features a unique design that's ultra comfortable and easy to slip on and off your wrist. 

      The Apple Braided Solo Loop is created through weaving 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments around ultra thin silicone threads. This was done by using advanced, precision-braiding machinery. Then laser cutting the band to an exact length for a custom fit. The braided solo loop also offers a soft, textured feel and is both sweat and water resistant. 

      • ActionSleeve 2. The ActionSleeve 2 is a fabric armband that offers the flexibility to wear your Apple Watch where it's more comfortable. This armband enables you to wear your Apple Watch on your upper arm while continuing to track your stats to hit your fitness goals. 
      • Apple Nike Sport Band. This band has the toughness and design simplicity of the normal Sport Band. However, the Apple Nike Sport Band has those compression-molded perforations or what are often referred to as holes. These holes actually make a big difference to the long-term comfort of your Apple Watch. That is because they enable your skin to breathe under the strap. 

        This band, like the normal Sport Band, is durable and strong as well as soft. It also has an innovative pin-and-tuck closure that ensures a clean fit. 

        • Apple Solo Loop. The Apple Solo Loop is made from liquid silicone rubber. This band features a unique, stretchable design with no clasps, buckles, or overlapping parts. This makes it ultra comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off your wrist. 

        Each band is especially treated with UV to give the band a silky, smooth finish. The Apple Solo Loop is also swim-proof and sweatproof, so it can go just about anywhere you want to wear it. 

        • Apple Nike Sport Loop. Just like the normal sport loop, the Apple Nike Sport Loop is soft, breathable and lightweight. This band is designed for fitness, with select colors that you can match with your Nike running shoes.

        The Apple Nike Sport Loop features a nylon weave with reflective thread designed to shimmer when light strikes it. It has a hook-and-loop fastener that makes for quick and easy adjustment. It also has dense loops on the skin side which provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. On the reverse side of this band, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability.  

        • Nomad Sport Strap. This watch band is designed to be worn while you are active and sweating. The Nomad Sport Strap is made from material that is both durable and comfortable. The slate-gray finish over the black of the band adds some design flair you won't find elsewhere. 
          • IYOU Sport Band. This silicone sport band is great for activity. This watch band comes with lugs on both ends that can securely lock into the Apple Watch. It also has a pin-and-tuck closure design that will make your Apple Watch design look cleaner. 

          Since the band itself is made from silicone, it is durable and easy to use in all types of weather. You can even wear it while working out or doing hot yoga. It is affordable and comes in more than 30 colors. 


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