Does Apple Suggest A Screen Protector For the Apple Watch?

Does Apple Suggest A Screen Protector For the Apple Watch?

Are you worried that you will accidentally scratch up the screen on your Apple Watch? You might want to consider purchasing and installing a screen protector. But is it really necessary for you to get one? Does Apple suggest a screen protector for the Apple Watch? No, Apple does not advise or recommend that you need or should fit a screen protector. Although, whether or not to fit a screen protector is entirely a matter of your personal preference. 

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You see, some Apple Watch models have sapphire crystal displays. A sapphire crystal glass is made from sapphire gemstone, which is the third hardest material on earth behind diamond and moissanite. So, you could expect that the stainless steel model of Apple Watch series 4, which comes with a sapphire crystal display, is incredibly resistant to scratches. However, some Apple Watch users discovered that it was not quite as scratch resistant as it could be. Although, it was still more resistant than the inferior glass on cheaper Apple Watch models. 

If you own an entry-level Apple Watch that comes with the aluminum body, you will need a screen protector. That is because the screen in this Apple Watch is made out of regular glass or, as Apple calls it, "Ion-X" glass. Another reason why you should get a screen protector is the warranty that comes with your wearable. You see, cosmetic damage is not covered under either Apple's Limited Warranty or AppleCare+. 

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Keep in mind that the Apple Watch is not user-serviceable. Apple does not offer a screen repair or a crystal/screen replacement service for Apple Watch. However, your Apple Watch may be eligible for replacement via chargeable, out-of-warranty service. If you choose this option, make sure to contact Apple Support and make a Genius Bar reservation. You could also visit an Apple Authorized Service Provider to arrange for your Apple Watch to be inspected. 

Whether you have scratched the screen of your Apple Watch or not, the tech giant does not recommend using cleaning products. You should also not polish or buff your smartwatch with abrasives. That is because these will wear away the coating and may also scratch the display. As such, if you want to effectively obscure or reduce the visibility of scratch marks, you will need a good quality protector. It will also provide some measure of protection against future damage. 

What Are The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors? 

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Purchasing a screen protector for your Apple Watch is definitely worth it. It will keep your much beloved wearable from getting damaged. Here are some of the best Apple Watch screen protectors

  • Spartan Watches Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch. It is a resilient and durable screen protector. This highly-transparent glass screen is perfectly designed to protect your Apple Watch. 

This glass screen protector is made to fit seamlessly with high-quality touch feel. It can make your Apple Watch invulnerable to scratches, smudges, dirt and damage. 

The Smiling Case with Built-In Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with a cloth you can use to wipe it down. Or if you ever want to give it a more thorough cleaning, it can be easily snapped on and off without removing the watch band. 

  • Armorsuit Militaryshiel D Screen Protector. This is another great stick-on screen protector option. It comes with installation spray, a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, and instructions. This way, you can easily put it on without bubbles.

You will be glad to know that this protector is made from TPU. This makes it scratch-resistant and able to self-heal minor dings. It also has five layers that offer the maximum protection from scratches, fingerprints, and impacts. 

  • Pzoz Case with Screen Protector. You can protect your Apple Watch from scratches and more with the Pzoz Case with Screen Protector. It actually has over 22,000 five-star on Amazon. This screen protector is made with a PC plastic exterior and a PET screen protector. So, it protects your smartwatch from all angles. 

Moreover, the Pzoz Case with Screen Protector also snaps on easily. You can keep it on when changing your bands or charging your device. 

The Tranesca Ultra-Thin TPU Screen Protector Cover is not only scratch-resistant. It also has an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprints and oil buildup. 

  • Pzoz Screen Protector Hard Cover. Do you have an older Apple Watch? You will find that this watch case is compatible with series 2 and 3 model Apple Watches. The Pzoz Screen Protector Hard Cover is made from durable PC plastic and PET to keep your smartwatch protected. 

The Pzoz Screen Protector Hard Cover is easily snapped on without having to remove your band first. It comes in a variety of colors. This way, you can match it to your Apple Watch. 

  • Piuellia Black Hard Case. This protective case is well priced and attractive looking. The Piuellia Black Hard Case fits tightly around the face and sides of the Apple Watch. It offers easy access to relevant buttons. It also ensures that the touch screen of the wearable feels as natural as before. 

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