How To Fix A Apple Watch Loop Band That Is Too Long

How To Fix A Apple Watch Loop Band That Is Too Long

If you are an Apple Watch owner, you already know thousands of different watch bands are on the market. As such, deciding which one to choose can be tricky and overwhelming. Fortunately, Apple Watch bands are interchangeable. Apple Watch devices, like other smartwatches, can be customized. Swapping out the wristband is one of the most valuable customizations offered for this wearable device.

A new watch band changes your Apple Watch's look and feel. You can match your Apple wearable device to your outfit of the day or for an occasion by changing its strap. Moreover, you even have the freedom to choose what watch band is comfortable for you to wear.


Customization is an excellent feature since some people find the bands that come with their Apple Watch uncomfortable or not to their liking. 

The Best Way to Fix an Apple Watch Loop Band That Is Too Long


Loop watch bands are one of the best and popular straps for your Apple Watch. These bands are comfortable and easy to adjust. But what should you do if you have a loop band that is too long? Apple advises you to exchange your Apple Watch and band at your local Apple Store

Apple Stores will help you fit the loop bands you prefer. If you want the Apple Watch loop band that fits perfectly on your wrist, Apple offers a print-at-home measurement tool. It can help you figure out what your size is.

Best Loop Bands for Your Apple Watch 

The following are some of the best loop bands that will beautifully match your Apple Watch

  • Apple Solo Loop. This watch band has developed a reputation for being the general all-day Apple Watch strap. It comes with plenty of colors for you to choose from. It is made from liquid silicone rubber. It has a unique stretchable design, so you slip it onto your wrist. 

The Apple Solo Loop is ultra comfortable in every way. This watch band covers all the bases throughout the day. It is sweat and swim-proof. You must ensure you buy the right size for your wrist. 

  • Apple Braided Solo Loop. This watch strap uses the same stretchy design as the Apple Solo Loop. It is made from weaving 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments around ultra-thin silicone threads. 

    The Apple Braided Solo Loop looks suitably smart and feels incredibly soft. It is also sweat and water-resistant. 
  • Apple Sport Loop. This watch strap is designed for breathability. And since it has a hook-and-loop fastener, you can loosen it anytime you need more space on your wrist. 

The Apple Sport Loop has a double-layer nylon weave. This watch band is durably designed, so it will not falter while you are lifting. It looks good while providing sufficient cushioning that leaves room for moisture to escape. 

  • Apple International Collection Sport Loop. This loop band is ideal for people keen to express their nationality on their wrists. It is made from soft and breathable material. 

    The Apple International Collection Sport Loop has a double-layer nylon weave that offers dense loops on the skin side for soft cushioning. It allows moisture to escape. While you should not swim with it, this watch band is still fine for working out or getting wet in a rainstorm.
  • Spartan Watches Nylon Sport Loop. This nylon sport loop band is carefully crafted with a single-loop design to bring you the strongest hold possible. This nylon sport loop is impervious to tears and abrasions. It is made with more than 500 threads of 100 percent durable nylon woven together. 
  • The Nylon Sport Loop from Spartan Watches has the fastest closing system possible in the form of secure Velcro closure. With this watch strap, you can adjust and secure your Apple Watch on the go with ease within seconds. This watch band is also available in a variety of vibrant seasonal colors. 

  • Spartan Watches Leather Loop for Apple Watch. The loop material in this watch band is made with 100 percent genuine leather. This strap does not collect moisture on your skin and keeps your Apple Watch nice and easy to wear on your wrist. It is comfortable to wear any time of the year. 

    The Leather Loop is designed with a unique, strong magnetic closing mechanism. It makes the watch band infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. This leather loop band is available in multiple color variations for various occasions. 

  • Spartan Watches Solo Loop for Apple Watch. It feels super smooth next to your skin due to the silky finish. You will find that each band is specially treated with UV.

    This Solo Loop band is stretchable liquid silicone rubber designed for ultra-comfort. It has no buckles or clasps. It is also considered super comfortable to wear throughout a busy day. 

    The Solo Loop band from Spartan Watches is available in six shades of color.

  • DigiHero Braided Solo Loop. This braided solo loop band looks amazing together with your Apple Watch. This watch strap does not have the stretchiness of the official product. However, it has a loop buckle design. 

    The DigiHero Braided Solo Loop is made from 100 percent recycled materials. It also feels good on your skin since it has plenty of breathability. 

  • PalmettoBands Nylon Sport Loop Band. This watch band ensures that you will stand out at the gym. It is cheap and cheerful. It is made from breathable nylon material. This watch strap is excellent if you are prone to a few mishaps at the gym or liable to get muddy. 

The PalmettoBands Nylon Sport Loop Band is bright enough to stand out. It could be useful in dim light as well. 

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