How to Take Links Out of Michael Kors Smartwatch Band

How to Take Links Out of Michael Kors Smartwatch Band

Michael Kors smartwatch bands are immensely popular all over the world. They are worn by many on an almost daily basis. These bands can make your smartwatch look just as chic as they were intended. 

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Wondering how to take links out of Michael Kors smartwatch band? Here are the steps how: 

  1. First, place the smartwatch on your wrist. Determine whether links should be added or removed. 
  1. If you want to remove damaged or extra links, hold one end of the pin pusher against the pin to be removed. 
  1. Strike the other end of the pin pusher with the metal side of the watch hammer until the pin slides out. 
  1. Discard the broken links or save any extra link that you removed. 

Apart from the Michael Kors smartwatch bands, there's also the Link Bracelet if you own an Apple Watch.

The Link Bracelet is crafted from the same 316L stainless steel alloy as the case. This band has more than 100 components. The Link Bracelet also comes with the custom butterfly closure which folds neatly within the bracelet. The several links in this band feature a simple release button. This way you can add and remove links without any special tools. 

How to Remove the Link Bracelet

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To remove the Link Bracelet from your Apple Watch, you must first separate the band into two pieces. While removing the band, you should not force the band or twist it. Just follow these steps: 

  1. Close the butterfly closure. If it's open, fold in the butterfly closure on the side at a time until you feel and hear a click.
  1. Hold down a quick release button. The quick release buttons are on the inside of the bracelet. You only need to hold one down. 
  1. Gently pull the links apart. Hold down a quick release button while you pull. As previously mentioned, you should separate the band into two pieces before removing the band from your Apple Watch. 
  1. Remove your band. You should hold down the release button. Then, slide the band across to remove it. 

What are the Best Smartwatch Bands? 

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Smartwatches have reached high popularity through the years. This is brought about by society's attachment to technology that doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. 

There are several different smartwatches available in the market from various brands. With how many smartwatches there are, it also means that there are possibly hundreds of watch bands you can choose from. Especially if you want to transform your smartwatch into a unique wearable that matches your style and outfit. 

The following are some of the best smartwatch bands you can find in the market that might suit you needs:

  • Longvadon Caiman Series. Referred to as the best overall smartwatch bands. The bands from the Longvadon Caiman Series have the butterfly closure, which is a signature of high-end watches. The crocodile embossed straps are crafted in high-quality leather. The inside part of the band is lined with bovine suede, providing extra soft comfort. 
    • Nomad Sport Strap. The Nomad Sport Strap is perfect for those who wear their smartwatch while going on adventures to wild places like mountains or lakes. This band is a durable silicone sport strap that offers smooth comfort. It is also a hypoallergenic band that is built to withstand rough and rugged conditions. 
    • Iiteeology Stainless Steel Band. Do you have a titanium smartwatch and you're looking for the perfect band for it? You might want to consider the Iiteeology Stainless Steel Band. This band is compatible with a 42mmm or 44mm Apple Watch. It also comes in a range of color options like space gray, silver, and rose gold.
    • Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle. This strap is available in two sizes that can fit the 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, or 44mm smartwatches. The Hermès Single Tour Deployment Buckle is a solid light brown calfskin band with a polished silver deployment buckle. 
    • Shinola Aniline Leather Watch Strap. Referred to as the best leather band. The Shinola Aniline Leather Watch Strap is neatly crafted out of hand-sewn leather. IT has a simple design, making it a great everyday band. It is available in black leather and features a polished silver-plated buckle. The Shinola Aniline Leather Watch Strap is a timeless looking band that will keep your smartwatch looking sharp for years to come.
    • Barton Canvas Watch Band. This band is compatible with a slew of smartwatch brands like Fossil, Samsung, and Nokia. The Barton Canvas Watch Band is made from breathable canvas material. It has embroidered edges which add to the durability of the band. And if you get this band a little dirty, you don't need to worry since this band is machine washable.
      • Ritche Silicone Watch Band. Called as the best silicone band. The Ritche Silicone Watch Band has a carved geometric pattern, setting it apart from other silicone bands. This strap is sweat resistant and available in a variety of colors. 
      • Bandini Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band. The Bandini Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band has an attached clasp which is completely adjustable. It allows you to make the strap fit the exact size of your wrist without having to worry about removing a link or two every time. The Bandini Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band is compatible with a number of smartwatch brands such as Samsung, Fossil, and Ticwatch. 
      • Coach Apple Watch Strap. This band is made of glove-tanned leather and features a space gray buckle. The Coach Apple Watch Strap comes in a variety of colors like brown, black, white, and olive green, which they call "fatigue" that perfectly stands out.  
      • Suunto Explore 1. Called the rugged ribbon. The Suunto Explore 1 is perfect for those who wear their smartwatch while in the wilderness. This sturdy band is textured like the mountain you love to climb. The Suunto Explore 1 is designed to withstand dunkings, dirt, and drops. The yellow color of this band will make your smartwatch stand out.


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