How to Tell if an Apple Watch Band is Authentic?

How to Tell if an Apple Watch Band is Authentic?

Interchangeability is one of Apple Watch's main advantages. This allows you to wear a different band for different activities and occasions. 

Apple Watch is also known for its bands that you have to pay handsomely for. You see, the pricing for Apple's watch bands starts at $49 and that is for the synthetic rubber watch bands. And if you want the link bracelet, you have to pay $449. 

Apple offers a variety of great bands for the Apple Watch. However, the thing is, Apple Watch bands can be expensive. Because of that, other companies started offering watch bands for much lower prices. 

If you want a different style than what Apple offers, third party Apple Watch bands can give you several options. 

Here are the links where you can buy third-party Apple Watch Bands:

1. Solo Loop Strap for Apple Watch


2. Adjustable Braided Elastic Sport Straps


    What Makes the Apple Watch Band Expensive?  

    Every brand has a positioning in the market. Apple never targeted the middle class or poor people. And throughout the years, it has managed to successfully build its image as a premium lifestyle and luxury brand. 

    The Apple Watch bands are made of premium materials that make these straps look and work nicely with the Apple Watch itself. 

    Apple also has a huge chain of ecosystems and the products are seamlessly compatible with each other. The cost for the Apple Watch and its bands are not only dependent on the materials and components that are fixed in it. There are actually various reasons and hidden costs, including: 

    • Marketing. You have probably noticed how Apple keeps marketing its newly launched products heavily. Apple Watch bands are marketed as high-end straps. Apple marketing strategy involves print media, news media, digital media, social media, among others. Apple advertises almost everywhere. 
    • Labor Cost. Apple requires laborers to get the materials and components needed for the Apple Watch and its bands. The company pays its employees well, especially since labor costs are not cheap. 
    • Custom Duty. Every product has to pay heavy duty charges. These taxes are different for every country. 
    • Legal Battles. Every internet company keeps on getting legal actions. It requires funds and larger cases need larger expenses. 
    • Profits. Even if Apple keeps its products expensive, people will still keep buying Apple products. Apple knows that very well. Apple is in itself such a unique product maker that it will still be fetching its core user base. This makes it audacious to consume a maximum of the profits. 

    Why Do People Buy Third-party Apple Watch Bands? 

    No one can deny the fact that the third-party watch bands, also called as unauthorized copies, are almost indistinguishable from authentic Apple Watch bands. 

    These bands are often in the list of people shopping for bands. After all, they are inexpensive alternatives.   

    The following are some of the reasons why some people prefer to buy third party Apple Watch bands

    • Affordability. There are Apple Watch bands that are just as expensive as the watch itself. Third party companies create bands similar to what you see in the Apple Watch store. The cost, however, is significantly lesser compared to the straps sold by Apple. 
    • Color. Apple sells only single-colored bands. Whereas the third parties have bands with more than one color. 
    • Style and design. You can choose which material you want to use for your preferred style of the day. After all, third party bands have a wide variety of band options. There's the silicone band, leather, nylon, stainless steel, and others. You can say that when it comes to third party Apple Watch bands, the design options are endless. 

    The knockoff quality is getting better and better. However, you should keep in mind that buying a knockoff will not always be smooth sailing. 

    You see, there are knockoff watch bands that have sides of them starting to peel after a couple of days. There are also other watch bands with its color beginning to fade.

    How Would You Know if an Apple Watch Band is Authentic? 

    If you are an avid fan of Apple products, you will find that there are several places where you can get them. But the thing is, you might end up buying a fake one. 

    Here are some things to help you determine if the band you have is a genuine Apple Watch band or a fake band

    • Quality of the band. There is an obvious difference in the quality between the authentic Apple Watch band and the fake watch band. That's because the build quality of the Apple Watch band is noticeably better than the fake ones. 

    The official Apple Watch bands will feel smooth and soft to the touch. They have a smooth and clean transition from band to lug as well. The fake watch bands, on the other hand, will feel more scratchy and will have gaps or wavy transitions at the lugs. 

    • Mark of the band size. Placing the Apple Watch band and the fake watch band side by side, you will notice that there is another obvious difference in them. That is, under the genuine Apple Watch, there is an official marking of the band size. Take the Sport Band for example. One half of the authentic Apple Watch Sport Band has a mark that indicates 32mm or 42mm. The other hand of the band has the size, i.e. M or L. 

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