How To Wash Nylon Apple Watch Band


Do you need a new watch band for your Apple wearable device? You might want to consider getting a nylon watchband. Nylon Watch Bands are a popular choice for several people who wear their Apple Watch every day. This kind of watch strap is versatile and comfortable. It comes in a variety of interchangeable styles. 

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Nylon is one of the best materials for Apple Watch bands, especially when the warmer season of the year is coming. You see, nylon straps are durable, practical, and timeless in design. Moreover, nylon bands tend to be more appealing to smartwatch users than metal straps. These watch straps are easy to clean and can survive almost anything. 

Here are the reasons that explain why nylon watch bands are a good choice for Apple Watch users: 

  • Comfort. The tech giant designed the nylon band to feel soft and smooth like fabric. It means that you will not feel wrist-rash after wearing the strap after a few hours. 
  • Cost Less. Unlike some leather or metal bands, nylon straps usually will not leave your wallet empty. That is because Apple's nylon watchband goes for less than $70. Moreover, you can get this strap for much less in other retailers like Spartan Watches and Amazon. 
  • Bright and Bold. Some watch bands come in classic colors, such as black, white, or brown. What's impressive with nylon bands is that you will find this watch strap in several bright and bold colors. 

In addition, you can find some nylon watch bands with rainbow or American flag patterns. It makes the nylon strap the perfect band to show off your personality. 

Steps in Washing a Nylon Apple Watch Band

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Several Apple Watch users prefer the nylon watch bands because it is durable. It is a good choice for individuals with an active lifestyle. If you want to clean your Nylon Watch Band, you need more than just a non-abrasive cloth. Make sure you also have a small brush with ultra-soft bristles, warm water, and soap. 

Remember that a hard-bristled brush can cause damage to your nylon watchband. It might even mess up or remove the strap's dyed color. To clean your Nylon Watch Band, you only have to follow these simple steps: 

  1. First, remove your nylon band from your Apple Watch. It will prevent any damage to the wearable device while you clean the watch strap. 
  1. Next, soak the clean cloth in warm water and pass it through the nylon watchband. 
  1. Once the band is wet enough, apply some little soap on the soft-bristled brush. Then, gently scrub your nylon strap. 
  1. After that, clear the soap with the cloth. Make sure that you rinse it every single time. 
  1. Afterwards, dry your Nylon Watch Band by patting it with a dry paper towel. Make sure not to scrub it. Then, leave your nylon strap to air dry. 

Best Nylon Bands For Your Apple Watch

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When wearing your Apple Watch, make sure that the back of your wearable device has skin contact. The back of your Apple Watch needs skin contact for certain features. These include Wrist Detect, the Taptic Engine, and the electrical and optical heart sensors. Moreover, make sure you wear your Apple Watch and nylon band with the right fit. It should not be too tight or too loose.

In addition, it has to have room for your skin to breathe. This way, you can let the sensors on your Apple Watch do their jobs and, at the same time, it feels comfortable to wear. The following are some of the best Nylon Watch Bands you can wear together with your Apple Watch

If you often run in places with dim or dark lights, the perfect band for you is the Nike Sport Loop. It can help illuminate you a little while doing your usual runs. The Nike Sport Loop has a nylon weave with reflective thread through it. The tech giant designed this watch band to shimmer when light strikes it. It is lightweight and breathable. And the colors match with a line of Nike running shoes. 

The nylon sport loop from Spartan Watches is durable and made with more than 500 threads woven together of 100 percent nylon fiber. This watch strap is perfect for CrossFit and camping. Spartan Watches designed the nylon sport loop with a hook-and-loop fastener. This way, you can adjust this watch band on the fly in seconds. The Nylon Sport Loop from Spartan Watches has advanced sweat protection technology. It can block any unwanted distractions. This way, you can focus all your attention on your workout.

The Spartan Watches Nylon Sport Loop comes in 24 color choices. These include Surf Blue, Deep Navy, Black Pink, Monochrome Black, Midnight Blue, Mint Grey, Camel, Creamsicle Orange, Fossil Slate, Admiral Blue, Vitamin C, Pomegranate, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Iridescent. There are also other colors such as Dragon Fruit, Blue Chrysanthemum, Berry Dark, Striped Lake Blue, Striped Orange Red, Striped White, White Pinstripe, Blue Pinstripe, Rainbow Pinstripe, Pink Pinstripe, and Dark Grape. 

The tech giant designed the Sport Loop for breathability. It has a hook-and-loop fastener, so you can loosen it any time you need a bit more space on your wrist. The Apple Sport Loop comes with a double-layer nylon weave. It makes the watchband look good while still providing sufficient cushioning that leaves room for moisture to escape. The Apple Sport Loop is durable and will not falter while you're lifting due to the securely anchored attachment loops. 

Crafted from the finest canvas and nylon materials, the Nato Nylon Band is comfortable to wear on your wrist. It comes with a buckle clasp along with black-colored steel rings. It gives the watch strap a distinctive rugged look. You will find that the Spartan Watches Nato Nylon Band looks nice and attractive in every color. This watch strap is available in Orange, Coffee, Army, Green, Black, Khaki, and Red. 

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