Best Apple Watch Band for Crossfit

Best Apple Watch Band for Crossfit

You have probably seen several photos on your social media timeline of people exercising and doing CrossFit. Of people wearing workout clothes and showing off their body shapes. 

Best Apple Watch Band for Crossfit

Most people start CrossFit because they are looking to get stronger or lose weight. There are also some who are already in great shape but are still drawn to CrossFit. It's because they wanted to further challenge themselves and showcase their athleticism. 

What is CrossFit? 

CrossFit is a form of high intensity interval training. It is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movements. These movements, which are actions you do in your day-to-day life, are performed at a high intensity level. 

Said movements include squatting, pulling, pushing, variations of weight lifting, among others. According to CrossFit journal, the workouts are effective because of their emphasis on the elements of load, distance, and speed. 

How can Apple Watch Benefit CrossFitters? 

How can Apple Watch Benefit CrossFitters?

The rise in the popularity of CrossFit also comes with the demand on some pretty useful gadgets. This includes smartwatches like the Apple Watch. 

What can your Apple Watch do for you while you CrossFit? Apple Watch has enough essential features to make it effective even for CrossFit. Here are some of the benefits it can provide: 

  • Tracking. The Apple Watch has a plethora of useful features that bring a lot of insight into your health. This device can track your exercise sessions and show stats in real time. That means it can show you time elapsed, distance traveled, pace, heart rate and calories burned. 
  • Convenience. The Apple Watch has almost all of the functionality that can be found on your smartphone. If you are doing a fast-paced exercise, an Apple Watch is perfect for you. This wearable is strapped safely to your wrist. With most of them being around 30 to 40 grams, you won't even feel the added weight. 
  • Automatic workout detection. Your Apple Watch can sense when you are beginning a workout. When that happens, you will get an alert asking if you want it to start tracking. You can respond to that notification by choosing your workout type and beyond a session. Your Apple Watch can also detect when your workout is over. It can automatically stop tracking. 
  • Fall detection. The Apple Watch can call for help if you fall and can't get back up. That is extremely significant for older adults who are prone to falls. If you fall, the Apple Watch will sound an alarm and ask if you are okay. If you don't respond or move after around a minute, the device will sound another alarm and start a 30-second countdown. After the countdown, you Apple Watch will call emergency services. It will then send a message to your emergency contacts about what just happened.  

What Apple Watch Bands that Work Best for CrossFit? 

What Apple Watch Bands that Work Best for CrossFit?

When you are using your Apple Watch, you should make sure that you wear your band not too tight and not too loose. It should have room for your skin to breathe. This will keep you comfortable and let the sensors do their jobs. 

You can also tighten your watch band before you start your workout to get the best results. After your workout, you should loosen it to the right fit. 

The following are the bands that work best together with your Apple Watch when you are using it while you CrossFit. 

Apple Sport Loop

  • Apple Sport Loop. This band is soft, breathable and lightweight. The perfect band for you when you do CrossFit. The Apple Sport Loop features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment. 

This band has a double-layer nylon weave. It has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. On the reverse side of the band, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability.

  • Sport Nylon Band. This band is made from supreme quality nylon. The Sport Nylon Band is built to last and is made from the finest materials. These provide you with the most comfortable and relaxing watch wearing experience. 

This strap has the fastest closing system possible in the form of a secure Velcro closure. You can easily adjust and secure your device within seconds. 

  • Solo Loop. The Solo Loop features a unique, stretchable design. It has no clasps, buckles, or overlapping parts. This means it is comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off your wrist. It is especially treated with UV to give the band a silky, smooth finish. 

The Solo Loop is swim-proof and sweat-proof. You can wear this band anywhere you want to wear it. It is available at Spartan Watches in five colors. 

  • Apple Nike Sport Loop. Just like the ordinary sport loop band, it is soft, breathable and lightweight. The Nike Sport Loop is designed for fitness and has a variety of colors to match your Nike shoes. 

This band features a nylon weave with reflective thread. It is designed to shimmer when light strikes it. The Nike Sport Loop has a hook-and-loop fastener that makes for quick and easy adjustment. 

The dense loops on the skin side of the band provide soft cushioning. This also allows moisture to escape. On the reverse side of the Nike Sport Loop has the attachment loops that are securely anchored for superior durability. 

  • Apple Sport Band. This band is made from custom high-performance fluoroelastomers. It is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft. 

Apple Sport Band

The Sport Band is smooth and a dense material that drapes elegantly across your wrist. It feels comfortable next to you skin. This band has an innovative pin-and-tuck closure which ensures a clean fit. 

  • Nomad Sport Strap. The strap is built around a minimalist design that is meant to keep weight low and ventilation high. The channels in the bottom of the strap and full length adjustment holes increase breathability and flexibility. 

The Nomad Sport Strap is finished with a custom-designed pin and tuck closure mechanism that is both slim and secure. The band's aluminum pin latches through the band. The tail end is tucked away neatly against your wrist.