Best Full Silicone Case For Apple Watch 4

Best Full Silicone Case For Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is still a robust smartwatch despite being no longer new. It has an upgraded design and display compared to the Apple Watch 3. It comes with an ECG sensor to track your heart rate. The Apple Watch 4 comes with a larger screen and more rounded edges. They are much nicer to look at and offer more functionality. 

silicone case for apple watch

This wearable device has a set of heart rate notifications, including one that is looking out for atrial fibrillation. It means you will get a pop-up if there is anything that looks sketchy with your heart with regards to this condition. The Apple Watch 4 also comes with an alert system if your heart rate goes too low or high. If your heart rate spikes or falls hard for on reason for a long enough period, around 10 minutes, you will get an alert. It tells you all is not well, and maybe you should see a physician. 

Moreover, you can use the Apple Watch 4 for a number of different exercises. It has a walkie-talkie mode too. The overall chassis of this device is thinner. The weight is minimal on the wrist and is hard to notice sometimes. The Digital Crown and power/multitasking button on the side of the Apple Watch 4 have been improved. The power button also feels like it's got a more premium click when pushed in. 

The back of the Apple Watch 4 is made of ceramic material to let the radio signal through. It is combined with sapphire glass to allow placement of the radio antenna around the edge of the wearable device. It makes it easier to let the signal in without your wrist masking the frequency. 

With the Apple Watch 4, you will get alerts to keep you active. It helps you close the activity rings on your Apple Watch. This wearable device also offers the usual metrics of distance, pace, heart rate and average pace. You will also need to set up the Rolling Pace. It will show you how fast you managed to run from a mile or kilometer before your current step. 

Best Protective Case for Apple Watch 4

silicone cases for apple watch

Before you pay for your purchase, you should make sure that you have the right version for your Apple Watch model and size. You see, protective cases for the Apple Watch series 6 and Apple Watch SE are compatible with the Apple Watch series 5 and series 4 models. The following protective cases for Apple Watch 4 might catch your attention: 

This silicone case offers 360-degree protection to your Apple Watch 4. It is designed to seamlessly attach to the surface of your wearable device. It also shields the Apple Watch from any harm that it may get exposed to. This protective silicone case can be adjusted to fit any size Apple Watch efficiently. 

  • OtterBox All Day Case for Apple Watch. The OtterBox All Day Case delivers toughness in a slim, elegant, and easy to install form factor. It is also reasonably priced and backed by a lifetime warranty.

This protective case is made from 90 percent recycled plastic with antimicrobial coating. It is available in a multitude of colors.

  • Spigen Rugged Armor Case. This protective case has a matte finish and raised edges that will keep scratches away from the device's display. It is available in various colors, including black, white, blue, green, and rose gold. 
    • Caseology Nero Case. This protective case has a slim profile and a cool matte finish. It is made from soft thermoplastic polyurethane. The Caseology Nero Case is easy to install and remove. It has raised edges to help protect the screen of your Apple Watch 4. 
      • PITAKA Air Case for Apple Watch. The PITAKA Air Case has an incredibly elegant and thin design. It is less than a millimeter thick, and it weighs less than a gram. 

        The PITAKA Air Case does not lack toughness. It is crafted using aramid fiber, which is a material that is used in racing cars, the aerospace industry, and body armor. Moreover, it is durable and the material has a sleek, high-tech appearance. 

        • UAG Civilian Case. This protective case is designed to meet military standards for durability. It rocks a duo of protective layers and raised edges to protect the screen of your wearable device. 

          The UAG Civilian Case can simply snap right onto your Apple Watch 4. So, there is no need to even remove the strap.

          • Catalyst Waterproof Case. This protective case doubles the submersible depth rating of the Apple Watch. It can withstand up to 100 meters. It even meets military-grade specs for drop resistance. 

            The Catalyst Waterproof Case is built like a tank. It comes bundled with a comfy silicone strap. 

            • Casetify Protective Case. This protective case sis easy to install. It is crafted from soft TPU material, which offers solid protection against bumps and scratches. 
              • Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case. This protective case is made of a mix of hard polycarbonate and tempered glass. It provides all-over protection for your Apple Watch 4. It combines a case for the rear and sides with a screen protector. 

              As such, regardless of how your device falls to the ground, the Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case will protect the Apple Watch from the vast majority of accidents and impacts. 

              In addition to that, the Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case is very thin. So, it will not reduce the brightness and vividness of the screen of your Apple Watch. It will also not reduce its responsiveness.

              • Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case. This protective case has an extremely lightweight body of 0.7 grams. It is constructed with genuine carbon fiber material. It has a glossy finish and fits snugly. It looks stylish on your wrist. 

                The Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case promises to enhance your smartwatch experience and appearance. 

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