Best Full Silicone Case For Apple Watch 5

Best Full Silicone Case For Apple Watch 5

Yes, the Apple Watch 5 is no longer the latest wearable device under Apple. However, it is still one of the tech giant's top-end smartwatches. You will find that this device is similar to the Apple Watch 4. But it comes with a compass, and more cellular bands to call emergency services worldwide. It also has a screen that never switches off, dimming to an ambient, always-on display. 

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The Apple Watch 5 is still an impressive health tracker. You will find that its heart rate monitor is accurate, and its ECG feature offers heart health monitoring. The onboard GPS is pretty accurate as well. With the Apple Watch 5, you can swim, and do high-intensity interval training. You can even cycle and practice yoga with this wearable device. 

With its compass feature, you can see which way you are going. It uses GPS to work out your elevation, or height above sea level. This feature is helpful for hikers since the compass is slick and seems effective at finding true north. You will also find that the music and podcast playback of this device is strong. The Apple Watch 5 comes with 32GB of space on board you can load up more Apple Music tunes or download more podcasts. 

Best Protective Case for Apple Watch 5

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When you shop for a protective case for your Apple Watch 5, you have to consider several factors. These include the following: 

  • Protection. An Apple Watch case is used to bolster the level of durability of your Apple Watch 5. You will find that some cases only provide scratch protection for the OLED display of your wearable device. 

On the other hand, others are of the bump-case variety. They feature multi-layer fortifications that are largely resistant to impacts. 

  • Kit and Components. Apple Watch cases can vary from simple screen protectors to full kits that contain watch housings or cases along with new watch bands. 

You will find that the kits are also designed to suit a wide variety of tastes and lifestyles. It will include everything, from metal cases mated or linked bracelets. It has runner straps paired with silicone bump-cases. 

  • Materials. Keep in mind that the level of protection of a case depends on the materials used to manufacture it. Impact-absorbing constructions include TPU, polymer, rubber, and silicone. 

Metal construction cases, on the other hand, are often crafted from stainless steel or aluminum. There are also more high-end models that are made from top-shelf metal alloys like titanium. 

  • Size. Size is another important factor to consider when purchasing an Apple Watch case. You see, the bigger, bulkier cases tend to afford better protection. However, they are more expensive. Some cases deliver stellar protection despite coming in rather thin packages. 

The following are some of the best protective cases for your Apple Watch 5.

  • Spartan Watches Full Coverage Silicone Case for Apple Watch. This silicone case is manufactured with the most versatile TPU material. It effectively covers all areas of the Apple Watch 5. It also ensures a nice fit that does not stick with the screen or any part of the device's surface. 

The silicone case from Spartan Watches offers 360-degree protection to your Apple Watch 5. It is designed to seamlessly attach to the watch's surface. It also shields the wearable device from any harm that it may get exposed to. You can adjust this protective case to fit any size Apple Watch efficiently. 

  • Casetify Apple Watch Case. This protective case has a minimal design that is complemented by very dependable protection. It comes with the soft TPU that does a great job of absorbing falls and collisions. The materials in this protective case makes it an easier fit to your Apple Watch 5. It is very snugly and can be removed without much effort. 

This protective case is available for every Apple Watch size. It also comes in a variety of colors, including black, silver, and gold. 

  • UAG Civilian Watch Case. This protective watch case features a dual-layer protection and raised edges. It will protect your Apple Watch 5 in the rare event you drop it while putting it on or taking it off. 

    Despite its squarish design, the UAG Civilian Watch Case is ultra-light and is easy to fit and remove. It has buttons and cutouts in all the right places. Moreover, it looks very sharp and will not let your Apple Watch 5 down. 

    • Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case. This protective case is made of a mix of hard polycarbonate and tempered glass. The Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case provides allover protection for your Apple Watch 5. It combines a case for the rear and sides with a screen protector. 

    As such, regardless of how exactly your wearable device falls to the ground, it will protect your Apple Watch 5 from the vast majority of accidents and impacts. You will also find that the Smiling All-Around Hard PC Case is very thin. So, it will not reduce the brightness and vividness of the screen of your Apple Watch. Or reduce its responsiveness. 

      • Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case. Do you want to avoid placing a cover over the watch face of your Apple Watch 5? Yet, you still want the extra protection? This case is perfect for you. The Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case is extremely lightweight. It is made with genuine carbon fiber material. 

    You will also notice that it has a glossy finish and fits snugly. The Monocarbon Real Carbon Fiber Case also looks stylish on your wrist. It claims that it can enhance your smartwatch experience and appearance. RhinoShield Bumper Case. This protective case is thin and light. It provides an impact-resistant polymer exterior. It gives you the ultimate in drop protection up to four feet.

    You will notice that the case rises just slightly above the screen surface to protect your watch face from damaging impacts. It also comes with precise cutouts, providing full access to the digital crown of the Apple Watch 5.

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