Tempered Glass Screen Protector Apple Watch Series 6

Tempered Glass Screen Protector Apple Watch Series 6

The screen of your Apple Watch is made of tough material. The casing of your wearable device is actually more prone to damage than the screen. But the thing is, no matter how hard the screen of your device, it is still susceptible to scratches. 

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Scratches make your Apple Watch look old and worn. Using a screen protector will help you keep the screen surface of your Apple Watch scratch-free. So if you accidentally nick the screen protector, you could replace it with a new one with ease. 

Best Screen Protectors for Apple Watch Series 6

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The Apple Watch 6 has a tool to measure blood oxygen levels. It also has an improved tool for measuring sleep. This wearable device includes a countdown timer for handwashing, encouraging wearers to continue washing for a full 20 seconds. Apple Watch Series 6 also dropped its USB power adapter for an eco-friendlier build. 

The blood oxygen sensor of the Apple Watch Series 6 consists of four LED clusters and four photodiodes. These are built into its crystal back. The sensor informs the Blood Oxygen app to help determine the amount of oxygen in your blood. So, once you are wearing your Apple Watch Series 6, it will regularly watch your blood oxygen levels. 

You may think that a screen protector is not necessary on your Apple Watch Series 6. But since you likely wear your Apple Watch everywhere, it may be prone to scratches and scuffs. As such, you would need something to protect the screen of your wearable. You will find that tempered glass offers the best protection for your Apple Watch Series 6. However, film protectors are cheaper and easier to install. 

The following are the best screen protectors you can purchase today for your Apple Watch Series 6: 

  • Spartan Watches Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch. This highly-transparent glass screen protector from Spartan Watches is resilient and durable. It is perfectly designed to protect your Apple Watch. 

The glass screen protector from Spartan Watches is made with high precision 9H glass which is built to fend off dust particles. It also protects your wearable device from dirt and any scratches caused by external pressures, making it smudge proof. It keeps your Apple Watch screen crystal clear.  This screen protector has precise cutouts that allow full function. It is designed to perfection and attaches seamlessly to offer lasting protection. 

  • Misxi Apple Watch hard case. The Misxi Apple Watch hard case is a simple push-on cover for your Apple Watch Series 6. It allows you to protect the screen from scratches and the sides of the case from scuffs. 

With its precise cutouts, this screen protector will let you move the Digital Crown with ease. You can also access the side button when you need to. What's more, it will work with any Apple Watch band you have. 

  • BRG Case for Apple Watch. Do you want full coverage protection for your Apple Watch Series 6? The BRG Case offers a TPU case you can put on your wearable device to cover the screen and sides perfectly. The great thing about this case is that it offers some impact resistance. This way, if your Apple Watch falls off your nightstand, there's a better chance that it won't take any damage. 
  • ArmorSuit screen protector. This screen protector is made from scratch-resistant and self-healing film material. The ArmorSuit screen protector resists yellowing from exposure to the sun over time. So, your Apple Watch display should remain crystal clear. 
  • LK screen protector. It is a flexible TPU screen protector with curved edges to cover as much of the front glass on the Apple Watch as possible. And since it has an oleophobic coating, the film is resistant to fingerprints.  
  • RhinoSkin screen protector. The RhinoSkin screen protector has a wet application technique. It ensures you can reposition the film as much as you need to get the correct placement. RhinoGear also provides a microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure you can clean your Apple Watch thoroughly before installation. 
  • Tauri Apple Watch Hard Case. Do you have a red or blue Apple Watch Series 6? You might want a screen protector and case that matches your wearable. The Tauri Apple Watch Hard Case is a bumper-style case for your Apple Watch Series 6. It has a built-in tempered glass screen protector, providing your device with as much protection as it possibly can. 

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