Tempered Glass vs Film Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Tempered Glass vs Film Screen Protector for Apple Watch

While Apple does not advise or recommend that you need or should fit a screen protector for your Apple Watch, the decision to get one is still a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that the Apple Watch is not user-serviceable. Moreover, Apple does not offer a screen repair or a crystal/screen replacement service for Apple Watch.

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You have several options if you want to keep your Apple Watch pristine and protected. You can opt for a plastic screen protector, a tempered glass protector, or a film protector. The plastic screen protectors are very similar to the ones you use for your smartphones. You peel off the backing, stick them to the screen, and push out the bubbles. They are the cheapest screen protectors you can buy in the market. 

Yes, they can be fiddly to fit. But they still do a decent job of standing up to everyday scrapes and bumps. If you want a bit tougher, consider purchasing a tempered glass protector. It provides high-level impact and scratch protection without compromising the feel of the screen. 

Tempered glass screen protectors are made by extensively heating the glass and then quickly cooling it. As the glass ensures extreme heat and rapid cooling, it becomes more potent. Tempered glass screen protectors usually contain multiple layers. These include an oleophobic nano-coating, an anti-shatter film, and a porous silicone coating on the tempered glass. These compressed layers add to the heat and scratch resistivity of the tempered glass. It is also five times stronger than regular glass. 

Remember that tempered glass screen protectors are much harder to fit as they are not flexible or find as plastic. Consider getting a cheaper aluminum Apple Watch. It is less prone to apparent scratches than the fancier stainless steel version. Steel is more complex. But it is softer than the aluminum in the entry-level Apple Watch model. There is also the finish of this wearable device. 

The steel Apple Watch has a super shiny chrome finish. It shows off scratches very readily. Besides a screen protector, consider getting a case for your Apple Watch. Cases surround the whole Apple Watch and add bulk. However, a case may be a worthwhile investment, especially if you are in an environment where your wearable device faces various hazards.  

Best Tempered Glass and Film Screen Protector for Apple Watch

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The following are some of the best-tempered glass and film screen protector for your Apple Watch

  • Spartan Watches Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple Watch. The protective film in this screen protector is flexible and soft. It induces an easy, delicate touch screen experience. It also presents an original, clear image quality and high-speed response. 

The tempered glass screen protector from Spartan Watches is made with high-precision 9H glass. It is built to fend off dust particles, dirt, and any scratches caused by external pressures. It makes your Apple Watch smudge-proof to keep your screen crystal clear. 

The precise cutouts in this screen protector allow the full function of your Apple Watch. It is designed to perfection and attaches seamlessly to offer lasting protection. 

  • Armorsuit Military Shield Screen Protector. This stick-on screen protector is made from TPU, making it scratch-resistant. It can self-heal minor dings as well. It has five layers to offer maximum protection from scratches, fingerprints, and impacts.

If you buy the six-pack Armorsuit Military Shield Screen Protector, it comes with installation spray, a squeegee, a microfiber cloth, and instructions. With these, you can easily put the screen protector on without bubbles. The set also comes with a lifetime warranty. 

  • Pzoz Screen Protector Hard Cover. This screen protector hard cover is made from durable PC plastic and PET. These keep your Apple Watch protected. You will notice that this screen protector hard cover can be easily snapped on without having to remove your band first. 

Moreover, unlike some film protectors, the LK Liquid Skin Screen Protector is designed to be applied while wet. It makes it easier to get rid of the bubbles. This screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty. 

  • HAPAW Screen Protector. This screen protector is suitably durable and able to protect your Apple Watch from scratches, collisions, and general all-round damage. 

The tempered glass in this screen protector gives you some added protection. Fortunately, it should not affect the touch sensitivity of your Apple Watch. The buttons are also easily reached due to its precise hole cutouts. 

  • YMHML Apple Watch Screen Protector and Case. This screen protector and case wraps around your Apple Watch, providing your device with some extra protection. It has a 9H hard scratch-resistant tempered glass screen protector that remains sensitive to the touch. It is also fingerprint-resistant.

The YMHML Apple Watch Screen Protector and Case is easy to install. It will only take seconds to set it up. Since it is a case and a screen protector, it is cheap enough that you can experiment and see if it works best for you. 

This case and screen protector comes with a cloth you can use to wipe it down. You can easily snap it on and off without removing the watch band. 

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