Arm Hurts From Wearing Apple Watch: What To Do?

Arm Hurts From Wearing Apple Watch What To Do

Every Apple Watch user loves their wearable device. It monitors their physical activity and motivates them to achieve their fitness goals. It even plays music, tells them the weather, and shows them what's on their calendar. More than those, the Apple Watch can also authenticate your digital access to secure systems. It checks your heart health and gives directions too. 

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While this Apple wearable device has several uses, some Apple Watch users complain that their arm hurts while wearing the device.

Does Your Arm Hurt From Wearing Your Apple Watch? 

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Several threads have circulated on the internet about wrist issues and problems with their arms hurting while wearing the Apple Watch. Some notice that their Apple wearable device does not fit their wrist well, thus causing them pain. The thing is, not all people can wear an Apple Watch. Some individuals experience reactions to materials. These include nickel, which is in prolonged contact with their skin. 

Do you experience redness, swelling, itchiness, or any other irritation or any other kind of pain or discomfort around or beneath your watch or band? How about pain in your arm? Apple suggests removing your Apple Watch and consulting a doctor or physician before wearing your device again. You see, skin reactions can be a result of various causes. These include the following:

  • Allergies to some materials (including nickel)
  • Extended exposure to irritants (such as soap or sweat)
  • Environmental factors
  • Wearing the watch band too tightly or too loosely

Apple also suggests that you wear your Apple Watch with the right fit. It means that the strap of your wearable device should not be too tight or too loose. It also should have room for your skin to breathe. This way, it will keep you comfortable and, at the same time, it will let the sensors do their job.  

Finding The Right Strap For Your Wrist

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Is your Apple Watch band too big or too small for your wrist? Fortunately, you can return the strap without returning your Apple Watch

If you can recall, Apple's policy required you to send back your Apple Watch with the ill-fitting watch strap before receiving a replacement. For example, when people purchase an Apple Solo Loop band or Braided Solo Loop Band, they often experience struggles in finding the right fit. 

There are methods you can use to get the right Apple Watch Band size. 

  • Using the Apple Printable Guide

  • You can find a printable guide you can download on the Apple webpage for Apple Solo Loop. This tool can help you determine the correct size of your Solo Loop Band. To measure your wrist using the printable tool provided by Apple, you only have to follow these steps: 

    1. First, print the printable tool after you download it. Make sure that the page in the printer options is in a setting wherein it could print at 100 percent and not scaled to fit.
    1. Next, place a credit card in the sizing area on the printed page. It is to ensure that you print the tool at the correct size. 
    1. Then, take a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the wrist sizing tool. 
    1. Next, place the case shape on your wrist, where you will usually have the watch face. 
    1. Then, wrap the printed paper tool tightly around your wrist. You can use some tape to hold the wide part in place. You should make sure that the printed paper feels snug and does not slide around. 
    1. The number the arrows point to is your band size. 

    Are the arrows pointing to a line? If it does, you should choose the smaller option of the two numbers closest to it. 

  • Using a Measuring Tape

  • If you do not have a printer at home, you don't have to worry. You can still get the size by using a household measuring tape. To measure your wrist using a household measuring tape, make sure to follow these simple instructions: 

    1. First, tightly wrap the tape measure around where you usually wear your Apple Watch. You have to make sure that it is not loose but remains comfortable. 
    1. Next, take note of the measurement. 
    1. After you finally have the measurement, round it to half a centimeter above. 
  • Using a Ruler, Paper, and Pen

  • Do you not have a printer at home or a tape measure? There is still a way you can work out your band size. All you need is some paper and scissors, a ruler and a pen or pencil. 

    Here's how you can use a ruler, paper, and pen to measure your wrist: 

    1. First, use the scissors to cut out a narrow strip of paper. It should be about one-half inch wide using the length of the paper. 
    1. Next, wrap the strip of paper around your wrist. Make sure it is not too tight. It should feel comfortable but not loose. 
    1. Then, use a pen or pencil to mark the point on the paper where the end of the strip overlaps the other end. If it helps, you can use some tape to hold the paper in place. 
    1. Next, lay the strip of paper on a flat surface. Use the ruler to measure the distance between the end and the part you marked. Note the exact measurement. 
    1. On Apple's order page for an Apple Watch or individual bands, select the Solo Loop option. 
    1. Under the Band Size, select the Start your band measurement option. 
    1. Next, tap or click the Household objects tab in the size guide window that appears. 
    1. Then, click or tap the "Got it. What's next?" option.
    1. Enter the measurement you noted down. You can enter it in inches and fractions of an inch or centimeters. 
    1. Next, click or tap the Get your band size option. 
    1. After that, select the recommended size when your band size options appear. Then, tap or click Continue. 

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