Apple Watch Solo Loop Too Small

Apple Watch Solo Loop Too Small


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Giving your Apple Watch a new look is simple. After all, customization is one of the highlights of owning an Apple wearable device. You can customize the look of your Apple smartwatch by swapping the watch band with the one that matches your outfit, style, occasion, or event.

Apple offers a wide range of watch bands for its Apple Watch. You can find a leather band you can use for formal events, a sports band for your workouts in the gym, and a nylon band for your day-to-day activities.  

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And if you wish to use a simple band, Apple has the Solo Loop watch strap. Apple created the Solo Loop band from liquid silicone rubber. This watch strap features a unique, stretchable design. It has no clasps, buckles, or overlapping parts, making it ultra-comfortable to wear and easy to slip on and off your wrist. The tech giant specially treated the Solo Loop band with UV. It gives the watch strap a silky, smooth finish. 

Moreover, the Solo Loop is swim-proof and sweatproof. It means that you can use this watch band during your swimming sessions or workouts at the gym. The Solo Loop band has all the functionality of an everyday watch strap. This band comes with an increased focus on style and design. The Solo Loop band is a fan favorite of Apple Watch users for the following reasons: 


The Solo Loop band is one of the thinnest and lightest straps for the Apple Watch that you could buy today. This watch strap comes with a stretchable design. It means you can slip the Solo Loop on and off your wrist with ease. 


Apart from being one of the most manageable Apple Watch bands in the market, Solo Loop is also one of the most secure straps for your Apple Watch. You see, the Solo Loop band has no clasps, buckles, or overlapping parts. As such, there is zero chance that you will catch the band on something and have it open up and fall off of your wrist. 

Moreover, since the Apple Solo Loop is swim-proof, you don't have to worry about your Apple Watch coming off without you noticing during swimming sessions. In addition to that, this band is perfect when you go out for a run with your Apple Watch. You will be glad to know that your Apple wearable device will not disconnect and fall off. 


Apple made the Solo Loop band from a custom high-performance liquid silicone rubber. This material makes the watch strap super durable and stretchable. And with its silky finish, the Solo Loop feels super smooth next to your skin. It even perfectly conforms to the shape of your wrist.

What's more, the Solo Loop band is easy to clean and dry. Do you find the Apple Solo Loop expensive for your budget? You can get this kind of watch band even with your tight budget if you shop at third-party brands

One of the reliable companies for cheap straps for your Apple Watch is Spartan Watches. Spartan Watches offers a Solo Loop that looks and feels like the one you can get from Apple. The Solo Loop band from Spartan Watches has no clasps or buckles, giving you an ultra comfort. Several people considered this watch strap super comfortable to wear throughout a busy day.

Is Your Apple Watch Solo Loop Too Small? 

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Is your Apple Solo Loop band too small? Fortunately, you can return the strap without returning your Apple Watch. If you can recall, Apple's policy required you to send back your Apple Watch with the ill-fitting watch strap before receiving a replacement. 

When purchasing an Apple Solo Loop band, people often experience struggles in finding the right fit. If you want to get the correct Apple Solo Loop band size, you might want to consider using the following methods: 

  • Use Apple's Printable Guide

  • You can find a printable guide you can download on the Apple webpage. This tool can help you determine the correct size of your Solo Loop band. To measure your wrist using the printable tool provided by Apple, you only have to follow these steps: 

    1. First, print the printable tool after you download it. Make sure that the page in the printer options is in a setting wherein it could print at 100 percent and not scaled to fit.
    1. Next, place a credit card in the sizing area on the printed page. It is to ensure that you print the tool at the correct size. 
    1. Then, take a pair of scissors and carefully cut out the wrist sizing tool. 
    1. Next, place the case shape on your wrist, where you will usually have the watch face. 
    1. Then, wrap the printed paper tool tightly around your wrist. You can use some tape to hold the wide part in place. You should make sure that the printed paper feels snug and does not slide around. 
    1. The number the arrows point to is your band size. 

    Keep in mind that if the arrows point to a line, you should choose the smaller option of the two numbers closest to it. 

  • Use A Measuring Tape

  • If you do not have a printer at home, you can still get the size by using a household measuring tape. To measure your wrist using a household measuring tape, make sure to follow these instructions: 

    1. First, tightly wrap the tape measure around where you usually wear your Apple Watch. You have to make sure that it is not loose but remains comfortable. 
    1. Next, take note of the measurement. 
    1. After you finally have the measurement, round it to half a centimeter above. 

    Take note that the male wrist measures 15 to 19 cm, while the female wrist measures 14 to 18 cm. 



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