Can a Smartwatch Band Be Repaired?

Can a Smartwatch Band Be Repaired?

In recent years, smartwatches have surged in popularity. The main reason why people want smartwatches is so they don't have to constantly pull out their phones just to see notifications. 

Can a Smartwatch Band Be Repaired?

Smartwatches offer all the basic watch features. They also do things that smartphones cannot. 

What can a smartwatch do over a smartphone that makes it a worthwhile investment? The following are the benefits of a smartwatch

  • Notifications. Funneling phone notifications for the sake of productivity is the most important benefit of a smartwatch. The ease of having them sent to your wrist is convenient. 

Moreover, being able to identify their importance without removing your phone from a pocket or bag is invaluable. After all, it simplifies your life and it saves time. 

  • Travel buddy. There are smartwatches that deliver different vibrations to your wrist to tell you if you should turn right or left when following instructions. 

You are able to follow an invisible guide that informs you where to go. That is, instead of constantly looking at your smartphone. As such, you can take in the scenery and not always staring at a map. 

  • Easier to find a phone or device. Losing a phone, keys or device is an extremely frustrating experience. Fortunately, your smartwatch can render this inconvenience null and void. 

There are smartwatches that have a "Find Phone" feature. This allows you to connect your phone or any device with it. If you lost your phone, you only need to press a few buttons on your smartwatch to locate it in seconds.   

  • A good fitness tracker. Several smartwatches have fitness tracking as its core feature. This wearable can help you keep up with your fitness goals. That's why, if you ever think of taking a fitness tracker or a pedometer, you can just use your smartwatch instead. 

Your smartwatch can count steps, distance, calories, heart rate, pulse rate, among others. It can even track your sleep. 

  • Reply to messages and receive calls. Having a smartwatch, you no longer need to bring your phone out of your pocket. That's because you can receive calls or reply to messages on the go. 

There are even some smartwatches that have voice support. This means you can talk to your wrist and communicate with someone from miles away. 

  • See your social media notifications. Some smartwatches show your messages and social media activity. There are also others that allow you to interact with the application too. 

Can You Repair Your Smartwatch Band? 

Can You Repair Your Smartwatch Band?

Accidents happen. That means it is inevitable that the band of your smartwatch will break or tear after constant usage. The cause of the break can also be due to direct sunlight and harmful chemicals.  

The question is, can your broken smartwatch band be fixed? Yes, it is possible. 

  • For silicone watch bands. Silicone is a soft and smooth material. It feels comfortable on the skin. Silicone is also non-toxic, eco-friendly, and temperature resistant. 

Additionally, it is durable but it has low tensile strength. That's why it can break if you stretch it too hard.  To repair your silicone watch strap, you need to do the following: 

  1. First, join the silicone band with a small rubber band by using rubber bands. Make sure that the color of the rubber band matches your silicone strap. 
  1. Next, burn the joint using the candle until the rubber band fuses with the strap. 
  1. Next, keep the strap on the ice plate. The minimum time is five to six hours. 
  1. After that, cut the extra part protruded during fusion with a blade. 
  • Leather watch band. Leather is a durable, long-lasting, and environment-friendly natural material. If you are going swimming, it is better to remove the leather band. Also keep it away from direct sunlight as it can cause discoloration. 

To fix your leather watch strap, here's what to do: 

  1. First, use a piece of paper to protect your desk from the glue. 
  1. Next, apply the super glue on the surface of both edges. A small amount of glue is enough. 
  1. After that, join the two edges of the band and press them.  

If you think that the watch band cannot be repaired anymore, what you need is a watch strap replacement. After all, one of the strong points of smartwatches is their ability to be customized. That means you can swap watch bands whenever you want. 

The following are the best smartwatch bands you can buy today: 

Smartwatch Band

  • Nomad Sport Strap. This is the best waterproof band for your smartwatch. This durable silicone sport strap offers smooth comfort. It is built to withstand rough and rugged conditions. Moreover, the Nomad Sport Strap is a hypoallergenic band.
    • Shinola Aniline Leather Watch Strap. This leather strap is neatly crafted out of hand-sewn leather. It's simple design makes it a great everyday band. The Shinola Aniline Leather Watch Strap also features a polished silver-plated buckle. 
      • Barton Canvas Watch Band. This band is made of breathable canvas material. The embroidered edges in this watch band add durability. Additionally, if you get it a little dirty, you can machine wash it. 
        • Ritche Silicone Watch Band. Silicone is super comfortable and formable while being stylish and durable. What sets the Ritche Silicone Watch Band apart from other silicone bands is its carved geometric pattern. This sweat-resistant strap is available in a variety of colors. 
          • Bandini Stainless Steel Mesh Watch Band. This band has an attached clasp that is completely adjustable. This allows you to make the strap fit the exact size of your wrist. You don't have to worry about removing a link or two. This band is compatible with a number of smartwatch brands. 
            • Coach Apple Watch Strap. This watch band is made of glove-tanned leather. It also features a space gray buckle. The Coach Apple Watch Strap comes in a variety of colors including brown and black. They also have the olive green option.  

                • Iiteeology Stainless Steel Band. If you want a stainless steel band at a bargain price, this band is for you. The Iiteeology Stainless Steel Band is compatible with a 42mm or 44mm Apple Watch. It also comes in a range of color options, including space gray, silver and rose gold. 
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