Does Samsung Make Watch Bands?

Does Samsung Make Watch Bands?

Are you serious about your health? A smartwatch can be very useful for you. And even if you don't, the device on your wrist can still be a handy tool for practical use. 

Does Samsung Make Watch Bands?

Among the smartwatches you can find in the market, the Samsung Watch is much loved by its customers across the globe. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Samsung Watch has a circular design. This allows you to have a more natural user experience. Samsung uses its own Tizen platform for this wearable, making the smartwatch offer more functionality. 

However, the thing that makes the Samsung Watch such an amazing device is its compatibility. You see, this device is not just compatible with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. You can use them with any Android phone and it's even compatible with iPhones. 

This enables people who may not be part of the Galaxy ecosystem to also own a Samsung Watch. But if you want to get the best user experience, the Apple Watch should always be used in conjunction with a Galaxy smartphone.

The following are some of the best Samsung Watch you can buy today: 

  • Galaxy Watch 3. Referred to as the best overall Samsung Watch. It is the first Samsung smartwatch to be offered in Titanium. This wearable has a physical rotating bezel and a refined design. It comes with a genuine leather strap out of the box. 

    The Galaxy Watch 3 can monitor blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate. It is also possible to take an ECG reading with this device. You will find that all of Samsung's health and fitness tracking features are onboard in addition to enhancements for the messaging features. 

    • Galaxy Watch Active 2. Called as the best Samsung Watch for fitness tracking. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 has a larger size with an increased battery capacity and additional fitness tracking features. Samsung also improved the accuracy of the sensors used to track fitness metrics. 

    The Galaxy Watch Active 2 also has a digital rotating bezel. This provides users with a unique way of navigating the interface of their smartwatch. This wearable is the first to introduce features like ECG and blood pressure monitoring. 

    • Galaxy Watch. Referred to as the battery champ among the Samsung Watches. When it came out in 2018, the Galaxy Watch became popular because of its design as well as the physical rotating bezel. It offers many of the same health and fitness tracking features. 

    The Galaxy Watch has the most battery capacity of any Samsung smartwatch. It uses the Exynos 9611 chipset, supports Samsung Pay and even has an integrated GPS. 

    • Galaxy Watch Active. The best Samsung Watch in terms of value for money. If you want a compact smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active is perfect for you. It is incredibly light and available in the smaller 40mm size. 

    While the Galaxy Watch Active doesn't have the advanced monitoring features of its successor, it can still track the same number of workouts. It also performs sleep tracking. 

    How to Find the Right Size for Your Samsung Watch

    How to Find the Right Size for Your Samsung Watch

    The bands in Samsung Watch, just like the other smartwatches, are interchangeable. This means that if you are bored with always wearing the same band, you can simply get a new watch band. 

    But you have to make sure you pick up the right size of band for your Samsung Watch. The following are the two main band widths and the appropriate watch models for them: 

    For a 20mm width band, you can use it together with: 

    • Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm and 44mm)
    • Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)
    • Galaxy Watch (42mm)
    • Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm)

    For a 22mm width band, you can use it together with: 

    • Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)
    • Galaxy Watch (46mm)
    • Gear S3 Frontier 
    • Gear S3 Classic  

    Once you know the correct size you need, you can change the band by following these steps: 

    1. Remove the existing band by sliding it's spring bar inward and pull the strap away from the watch. 
    1. Next, insert one end of the new band's spring bar into the lug on one side of the watch. 
    1. Slide the other spring bar inward. After that, release it once the strap is in place. 
    1. Repeat these steps to replace the watch's other band. 

    What are the Watch Bands Made by Samsung? 

    What are the Watch Bands Made by Samsung?

    Are you wondering whether Samsung makes watch bands or not? Fortunately for you, the company does offer bands for its smartwatches. Here are some of them

    • Samsung Silicon Strap 22mm. If you want to keep your Samsung accessories official, this band is perfect for you. The Silicone Strap comes with various colors such as blue, black, and natural gray. It has the traditional watch-style notched clasp that keeps the watch on securely. 

    This band has a nice design in a robust material and is great for workouts. 

    • Samsung Silicon Strap 20mm. It is a great choice if you want more color options. This Silicon Strap comes in black, brown, natural gray, violet, red, silver, pink, and yellow. 

      Samsung's silicon bands are well-suited to exercise and should last a long time. 

      • Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap. You will find that this strap has a glorious mix of leather and rubber for every activity. The Samsung Hybrid Sport Strap allows for very quick removal and installation. 

        As previously mentioned, this band has the combination of both leather and rubber. This means that the Hybrid Sport is hard-wearing and at the same time looks as classy as an all-leather strap. 

        This band comes in various colors, including blue, green, orange, yellow, and white.   

        • Samsung Stitch Leather Band. Do you want to give your smartwatch a professional vibe? Then this band is the perfect choice for you. This is the premium choice in the official range. 

          The Samsung Stitch Leather Band is available in black or brown, with white stitching detail. It has a standard buckle fastener and two bands to hold the excess leather in place. 

            • Samsung Ridge Sport Band. You will find that this band is a more familiar style for those who bought their watch as a fitness tool. The silicon strap is about the stark, strong recessed strip in the middle. 

          The silicon in this band allows the watch to hug your wrist. This is great for heart rate measurements. The Samsung Ridge Sport Band is available in gray or black.


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