What Bands are Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3?

What Bands are Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3?

Called as the watch that watches out for you. Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 is the most advanced monitor on a smartwatch. It combines smartphone-level productivity and leading health technology in one premium and classic device. 

What Bands are Compatible with Galaxy Watch 3?

This wearable, referred to as Samsung's most advanced Galaxy watch, helps you effortlessly manage your life and health. As the company that rivals Apple, Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 has a set of features that give Apple watches a run for their money.  

What are the Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? 

What are the Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

The Galaxy Watch 3 offers stunning hardware and a variety of health-focused features that includes an EKG and blood pressure sensor. While it doesn't have the widest third-party app support, it does get a good battery life. It also has a bright display and Samsung's zippy Tizen OS software. 

  • Hardware. As mentioned above, the Galaxy Watch 3 has stunning hardware. You see, the casing of this wearable is made of stainless steel or titanium, depending on the version you buy. It feels just as great as it looks. While it's a bit on a thicker side, Samsung actually markets this wearable as being 14 percent thinner than the original Galaxy Watch. 
  • Design. Are you a fan of the physical rotating bezel on watches? Then you will be happy to know that the Galaxy Watch 3 has this design. It offers a satisfying click when it's rotated and it makes scrolling through the software interface delightfully fun. 
  • Display. The Galaxy Watch 3 has a fantastic display. Its super easy to see outdoors in direct sunlight. While the display is power-hungry, you will notice that this device will last you two days of battery life on a single charge. You can even stretch to three days if you keep the always-on display turned off and don't use it to work out too often. 

Keep in mind that the 45mm model of the Galaxy Watch 3 has a bigger battery. And if you buy the 41mm model, you should expect that it has a slightly shorter battery life. 

  • Fitness tracking. The Galaxy Watch 3 can track 40 different sport profiles, from running and swimming to cardio-based exercises like mountain climbing. Of the 40 activities, 33 of them need to be tracked manually, while seven of them can be auto-tracked. 

This wearable comes with an FDA-approved ECG that can catch irregular heart rhythms. A SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor and a VO2 (oxygen saturation) Max sensor are also included. The former will keep track of your oxygen saturation levels to catch conditions like sleep apnea. The latter, which monitors how much oxygen you're able to utilize while working out, can give you insights and goals for your exercise regime. 

  • Sleep tracking. The Galaxy Watch 3 can track your sleep patterns and stress levels. This wearable can pick up when you fall asleep and wake up in the night. Samsung Health makes it super easy to see this information and provides ample insights on your sleep quality that might help you improve. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 also has a sleep score feature. It scores your sleep quality on a scale of 0 to 100 based on total time asleep, time in sleep cycles, movement, and physical and mental recovery.  

  • Fall detection. This Samsung wearable has a fall detection feature. As such, if you're in the middle of an activity and the accelerometer senses that you've fallen, your Galaxy Watch 3 will send an SMS to up to four emergency contacts. 
  • Software. Setting up the Galaxy Watch 3 on a Samsung phone is easy. You just need to install the Galaxy Wearable app and connect your device. However, if you're using a non-Samsung mobile phone, the setup process is more cumbersome. You will need the Galaxy Wearable app, Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin, Samsung Accessory Service app, and Samsung Health. 

The Galaxy Watch 3 can handle all the standard smartwatch stuff you've come to expect. You can receive smartphone notifications and reply to them from your wrist. You can view your chat history on your watch for certain messaging apps.  

Offline music support is available on all Galaxy Watch 3 models. You can stream music via WiFi on all variants. 

  • Samsung Pay. You can pay for things with your wrist with your Galaxy Watch 3 through Samsung Pay. You will have to go the standard NFC route for contactless payments. 

What are the Best Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? 

What are the Best Bands for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

Like other smartwatch models from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch 3 lets you switch bands if you prefer walking around with something more eye-catching or something simple. 

The following are some of the best bands for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: 

  • Ridge Sport Band. This band is fit for comfort, smooth, and flexible thanks to its fluoroelastomer material. The Ridge Sport Band is strong and durable with its resistance to different temperatures, chemicals, and weather. This strap sits softly on your wrist as you go from indoor to outdoor activities. 

The Ridge Sport Band has a firm and stable grip on your wrist. This improves accuracy when measuring your health rate during light or intense workouts. 

  • AVOD Nylon Band. Don't want the leather or silicone band? This woven nylon alternative comes in a host of different shades. It will fit wrist sizes ranging from 160mm to 210mm. 

This band uses the same pin mechanism like Samsung's official bands. It also uses velcro to fasten it in place. That's why you can expect that this band will stay put when you put it to the sweaty gym test. 

  • HTCrafts watch band. This metal band has a slimline, jewelry-inspired look. It comes in black, silver and rose gold for a delicate, flattering finish. 
  • Geageaus silicone strap. This is an ideal strap for sportier owners of Galaxy Watch 3. It has a perforated design that will keep your wrist cool. The silicone material, on the other hand, will quickly wipe clean of sweat. The base strap comes in a range of shades with the pride-alike rainbow perforations adding a splash of fun to every wrist.   
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