Will Apple Watch Charger Charge iPhone?

Will Apple Watch Charger Charge iPhone?

The battery is an important component of every mobile device, including smartphones and smartwatches. The battery is the one responsible for keeping your device powered up while you are using it for its functions and features. 

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But the thing is, batteries have a limited capacity. Usually, they can last a day in normal use, and less if used excessively. As such, it can be helpful if you have a charger on hand or a power bank to keep your device up and running for the rest of the day. 

Will the Apple Watch Charger Charge Your iPhone? 

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According to a user, an iPhone cannot be charged with an Apple Watch charger. That's because the traditional Apple Watch chargers are only built to charge your wearable. This means that the charger will likely not offer any charging compatibility with your iPhone. 

However, Apple states that the Apple 5W USB Power Adapter, which comes supplied with Apple Watch, can be used to charge your iPhone. But the Apple Watch manufacturer emphasized that it should be in conjunction with an Apple or Apple Certified Lightning to USB cable.

Apple also stressed that the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable cannot be used for charging your iPhone. 

Tips to Conserve Apple Watch Battery

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You might have already noticed that compared to other smartwatches, the Apple Watch does not have a robust battery life. Your Apple Watch could last 18 hours only. This means that you need to charge your wearable daily. 

If you want to check your battery settings, there are several ways to do that: 

  • Swipe up on the watch face of your Apple Watch so you can open Control Center. You will see the battery percentage. 
  • Some watch faces allow you to add a battery complication. 
  • On your iPhone, you can add a battery widget. This can show you any connected Apple Watch. 
  • When your Apple Watch is charging in Nightstand mode, just tap the charging button. This way, you can check the battery percentage. 

If the battery life of your Apple Watch is low, you will see the low battery icon on the screen. This indicates that your device is in need of charging. Here's how:


  1. First, handle your Apple Watch and accessories safely. Make sure that you always take off your wearable before charging it. 
  1. Next, plus the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable or Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock into a USB power adapter. 
  1. Then, plug the adapter into a power outlet. If you want, you can also plug the charging cable into a USB port. 
  1. Make sure that you position the back of your Apple Watch on the charger. You see, the charger's magnets align your Apple Watch. You will see the battery charging icon on the watch face of your device. 
  1. After that, give your Apple Watch time to charge. You will notice that while your wearable is charging, it goes into Nightstand Mode. 

If you notice that your Apple Watch is not lasting all the way through the day, it's most likely that you are using it's battery a lot more aggressively. Here are the tips to improve and conserve the battery life of your Apple Watch: 

  • Reduce the Wake Screen time, or turn the feature off
  • Re-pair your Apple Watch and iPhone
  • Turn off some push notifications
  • Manually stop workouts at the end of an exercise routine
  • Turn on Background App Refresh
  • Turn on Reduce Motion
  • Get your Apple Watch serviced

Best Apple Watch Chargers and Stands

There are several Apple Watch chargers and stands sold in the market. You might even find better charging cable than the ones included with your Apple Watch. After all, Apple is not the only brand that makes cables, stands, and docks for the Apple Watch. 

You will find accessories that can keep your wearable from sliding off the charger. You will also find something that can prop the face up of your device to use it in Nightstand Mode. 

The following are some of the best Apple Watch chargers and stands available for purchase in the market: 

  • Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand. This accessory is often referred to as the best basic charging stand for Apple Watches. This is perfect for people who have a charging cable but want their watch to charge upright and not slide around. 

The Spigen S350 Apple Watch Stand has a lip on the front that keeps your Apple Watch from sliding off when charging. It accommodates any Apple Watch band, closed or open, and has a nano suction pad on the bottom. This is to keep the stand from sliding around. 

  • Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable for Apple Watch. This charging cable is the best replacement for an Apple Watch charging cable. The Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable works just as well as the one from Apple. Not only that, this accessory is Apple certified and relatively inexpensive as well. 

The Ugreen Magnetic Charging Cable can charge a drained Apple Watch just as fast as an Apple cable. You will find that in half an hour, your Apple Watch can go from zero to 36 percent using this charging cable. 

  • Choetech Portable Charger. If you're looking for the best Apple Watch power bank for travel, this portable charger is the right one for you. The Choetech Portable Charger is a candy-bar-sized power bank that has an integrated spot to charge your Apple Watch. 

This portable charger stores enough energy to recharge an Apple Watch every day for a week. The Choetech Portable Charger also has a USB-A port for charging your phone or other accessories. What's more, it has a docking stand that provides an easy way to recharge the power bank itself. The docking stand also holds your Apple Watch at a viewable angle if you charge the device while the power bank is docked.  


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