Affordable Bands For Your Apple Watch

Affordable Bands For Your Apple Watch

Most people find Apple Watch Bands costly. This is one of the factors that holds Apple Watch users back from purchasing an additional strap for their wearable device.  

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However, there are reasons that explain why Apple Watch Bands are more expensive than the others. 

  • High Quality. Every consumer knows that quality is priceless. For Apple Watch bands, it is all about the material used, durability and overall look and design. These elements make the watch straps from Apple masterpieces. 
  • High Demand. The popularity of the Apple Watch Bands caused them to become pricier than others. Because of their high demand, Apple can dictate the price of these products. 
  • Product Positioning. Apple positions Apple Watch Bands on the market as luxury items. Because of that, the tech giant sold them at a high price. 
  • Functionality. Apple offers a variety of watch bands for different activities and events. As such, you can find an Apple Watch Band for fitness, workplace, casual, fashion events and socializing, among others. Apple Watch bands function differently for every occasion. 

Best Affordable Apple Watch Bands

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If you think that Apple Watch bands are too expensive, you might want to consider browsing through third-party brands. Some companies sell watch straps for Apple Watches that are not only high-quality, but also at low cost. 

The following are some of the best and most affordable watch bands for your Apple Watch: 

  • Marge Plus Genuine Leather Band. This watch band is made from genuine leather. It is lightweight, comfortable and sweat-resistant. It is also durable. This leather band comes in 13 different colors and an 18-month warranty. 
    • Spartan Watches Milanese Stainless Steel Band for Apple Watch. This watch strap is made with a strong woven stainless steel mesh. It comes with a sleek modern design that adds additional flexibility. It is a fashionable alternative band to a traditional watch strap. 

    The Milanese Stainless Steel Band from Spartan Watches is made with 100 percent quality approved material. This watch band is supplied with a unique, strong magnetic closing mechanism. This makes the milanese strap infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. 

    • Intenty Woven Nylon Sport Band. If you don't feel like paying for an Apple Nylon Sport Band, you might want to check out these straps from Intenty. This nylon sport band is durable and comes with a velcro that holds up well. It also has a fastener that holds the strap in place. 
      • Spartan Watches Leather Loop for Apple Watch. This watch band is made with 100 percent leather that is comfortable to wear anytime of the year. You will be glad to know that it does not collect moisture on your skin. It also keeps your Apple Watch nice and easy to wear on your wrist. 

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      The Leather Loop band from Spartan Watches is designed with a unique, strong magnetic closing mechanism. It makes the band infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit. 

      • Tefeca Elastic Apple Watch Band. This watch strap has no closure, so you only need to slide it on. It comes with bright patterns and a few solids too. It is soft and stretchy, and comfortable to wear. 
        • Spartan Watches Nato Nylon Band for Apple Watch. This nylon watch band is crafted from the finest canvas and nylon materials. It is comfortable and fits nicely on your wrist.

        nato nylon green

        The Nato Nylon Band from Spartan Watches comes with a buckle clasp and black-colored steel rings. These give the watch strap a distinctive rugged look. 

        • Fullmosa Silicone Band. Fullmosa uses an acid-resistant and non-toxic silicone. This watch band has a special dustproof oil coating that can repel sweat. Moreover, the silicone material on this strap is soft and waterproof. It is perfect for people who frequently hit the gym. 

          The Fullmosa Silicone Band also comes with a built-in groove design. It helps dissipate moisture and improve airflow. 

          • SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Band. This protective case and band combo is ideal for outdoorsy people who love to go hiking or rock climbing. It is perfect for those who do manual labor or high-intensity exercises. 

            The SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Band doubles as a case that snaps onto your Apple Watch to provide shock absorption. It also has a raised bezel design that acts as a screen protector to keep your Apple Watch away from the danger of any scratches or dings. 

            • Spartan Watches Nylon Sport Loop for Apple Watch. This watch band is carefully crafted with a single loop design, bringing you the strongest hold possible. It is made with more than 500 threads woven together of 100 percent durable nylon. This strap is impervious to both tears and abrasions. 

            nylon sport loop sunshine

            The Nylon Sport Loop from Spartan Watches is made with the fastest closing system possible, which is the secure velcro closure. You can adjust and secure your device on-the-go easily within seconds. It also prevents your wrist from sweat build-up during any fitness activity. 

            • Jobese Canvas Fabric Straps. This two-tone fabric band brings a certain type of personality and style on your Apple Watch. Jobese uses a premium fabric material and a soft genuine leather held together with a stainless steel buckle. It feels smooth against your skin. 
            • Jwacct Stainless Steel Mesh Band. This watch strap comes with an adjustable magnetic clasp to lock your Apple Watch on your wrist. This band works with both the 38mm/40mm and 42mm/44mm sizes. It also comes in a variety of colors. 

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