Apple Watch Charger for Car

Apple Watch Charger for Car

When you purchase an Apple Watch, it comes with a charger. But it's good to have an extra charger to keep in your bag. Especially when you are often traveling to different places. 

Bobine Apple Watch Car Charger and Stand

Apple engineered the Apple Watch to have an 18-hour battery life after an overnight charge. This is on the assumption that you will be wearing your smartwatch all day long. That estimate is actually based on checking the time throughout the day, receiving notifications, doing workouts, and using apps.  

How to Charge Your Apple Watch? 


The Apple Watch comes with a magnetic charging cable. You just plug it into a power outlet or a USB port. 

The battery life of the Apple Watch actually depends on how you use the wearable. Keep in mind that you don't have to charge your Apple Watch overnight. You see, it takes about 2.5 hours to charge the Apple Watch to 100 percent. It takes around 1.5 hours to reach an 80 percent charge. If you prefer it, you can even split the charging time between morning and evening.  

You can charge your Apple Watch in your car during a drive if you hadn't charged it or it was on low charge. Here's how: 

  1. First, you should check to see if your car has a USB port. 
  1. Then, connect the USB side of the charger cable into the USB port. 
  1. Next, place your Apple Watch on the charger pad. Make sure that your Apple Watch is face-up on the charging pad. 
  1. After that, check if the screen of your Apple Watch lights up. If the screen of your device displays a charging battery icon, then you'll know that your Apple Watch is being charged. 

What is the Apple Watch Charger for Car? 

Anker Wireless Charger amazon

If you have the right portable charger, you will never have to worry about your Apple Watch's battery running out of juice. You can even replenish your battery while driving. 

The following are the best Apple Watch chargers for car: 

  • Gladgogo Smartwatch Charger Storage Dock for Apple Watch. The watch charging stand comes with a magnetic watch charger and charging cable. The adjustable stand enables you to choose between placing your Apple Watch between flat and upright viewing angles. The nightstand mode also allows your Apple Watch to be used in alarm mode while charging. 

Moreover, you will find that the watch charging pad is great for storing and carrying it on the go. This makes charging your Apple Watch convenient when you are going on a business trip or traveling in general.  

  • MarchPower Watch Charger for Apple Watch. This Apple Watch charger cable and dock is built with over-current and over-voltage protection. It also has short circuit and over-temperature protection as well. 

The MarchPower Watch Charger for Apple Watch provides you with safe charging protection. With this, you can fully charge your Apple Watch in less than 2.5 hours. Since it is using pure copper core, it is safe for charging. 

  • Anker PowerWave+ Pad with Watch Holder. For easy storage, you can fold down the watch stand. And to obtain the perfect angle for your Apple Watch's nightstand mode, just flip it up. The Anker PowerWave+ Pad works safely and flawlessly with all qi-compatible wireless-charging phones as well.
    • Bobine Apple Watch Car Charger and Stand. This is one of the most flexible Apple Watch charger designed to be used everywhere. Its adjustable base stand is made from high quality vibrate absorbing metal. This makes it easy and comfortable to be held in a small space. 

      You can also use this Apple Watch dock for the charge on the desk or as a nightstand. This is compatible with Apple Watch's official magnetic USB charger as well.   

      • Ifopia Apple Watch Car Mount Holder. This is a dual car mount hold for both of your Apple Watch and iPhone. You can affix your smart fear quickly and this is good for hands-free control. 

        What is the Best Portable Apple Watch Charger for Travelers? 


        Do you want to charge your Apple Watch and iPhone with a single charger? The following are the Apple Watch charger you might want to consider buying, especially when you are out traveling: 

        • Apple MagSafe Duo charger. The Apple MagSafe Duo charger can charge your Apple Watch and your iPhone at the same time. This portable, fast charger is the cream of the crop when it comes to Apple chargers. 

        However, keep in mind that while the one-meter USB-C to Lightning cable is included, the power adapter is not. That's why you will need to purchase the power adapter separately. 

        • NEWDERY Charger for Apple Watch. You can charge your Apple Watch in two or three hours when you plug this pocket-size charger into any USB port. You will find that the NEWDERY Charger for Apple Watch has overcharge and overheat protection. This way, you don't have to worry about damaging your Apple Watch.  
          • ElevationLab BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch. This is a beautifully designed portable charger for your Apple Watch and iPhone. The ElevationLab BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch is built to be small enough to carry comfortably in your back pocket. The protective strap that comes with this portable charger keeps it secure while charging. 
          • PZOZ Charger Stand Compatible for Apple Watch. You can place your own Apple watch charger inside the PZOZ Charger Stand. You can wind up the cable inside the base for convenient cable management. After that, pop up the charger to use your Apple Watch in nightstand mode as it charges. You can also lay it flat.  
            • MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain. This keychain is actually a highly portable Apple Watch charger. You can clip it onto your car keyring for easy access. The MOFUU Wireless Charger Keychain is an MFI-certified charger. In addition, you don't need to worry about your Apple Watch slipping off. That's because it has a strong magnet that will keep your Apple Watch safe and secure.  
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                  I’ve been using Anker car chargers. for years now, and they never disappoint. The price in Bangladesh is quite competitive, considering the durability and fast-charging capabilities these chargers offer. Definitely worth every penny.

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