Best Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Summer

Best Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Summer

If you want a premium looking and feeling wearable, you might be interested in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This device is perfect for those looking for an alternative for the Apple Watch too. 

Best Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Summer

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can help you stay active and monitor your health. It is an all-rounder that can track health stats like ECG, sports activities, and even sleep patterns. It can pair with Android, however, if you're an Apple iOS user, you can actually pair with this wearable.

While the Galaxy Watch 3 is not necessarily a fitness-centric smartwatch, it does track up to 40 activities. This wearable also offers extra functionalities for some activities like run and advanced run coaching. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is also stylish and comfortable. It is available in a variety of colors and features a range of interchangeable watch straps. You can swap watch bands to fit all lifestyles and occasions. 

To change the watch band of your Galaxy Watch 3, just follow these steps: 

  1. First, detach the band from the watch by sliding the band's spring bar inwards. 
  1. Next, pull the band away from the watch's body. 
  1. To attach the new strap, you should insert one end of the spring bar into the watch's lug. 
  1. After that, slide the spring bar inwards and connect the band. 

Apart from swapping the watch strap, another way to customize your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is to change the watch face. Here's how: 

  1. First, tap and hold the watch screen. Then, rotate the bezel to move across faces. 
  1. Next, either tap the watch face you have chosen to establish it or tap Customize to edit it.
  1. If you have tapped Customize, you can edit the watch face by rotating the bezel to change a certain aspect, like the color. 
  1. Then, swipe left to edit another aspect of the watch face by rotating the bezel. 
  1. And once you have personalized the watch face, just tap OK. 

What are the Best Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Summer? 

What are the Best Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Summer?

When it's summertime, you might have noticed that everything is just a bit more casual. This is for the sake of style and comfort. You can wear your shorts, hats or sunglasses. You can pair your smartwatch with this summer look with the right strap

It is recommended that you use nylon and silicone bands for your Galaxy Watch 3. These watch bands are lightweight, soft and breathable. 

While leather is not something you usually wear with your smartwatch under the summer heat, it can still be acceptable. If you are planning on using leather and metal bands, you should choose something perforated or mesh for enhanced airflow. 

The following are the best bands you can use with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for summer: 

Samsung Gear S3

  • BEAFIRY Canvas Nylon Watch Band. This band is made of premium cotton canvas and at the same time, it is affordable. The BEAFIRY Canvas Nylon Watch Band is durable, breathable and comfortable. This band is cozy enough to handle your workouts in the summer. At the same time, it is stylish enough to wear for a night on the town. 
  • Lwsengme Silicone Watch Band. This is one of the best lightweight and breathable watch bands. It has this unique air hole design that lets your wrist breathe freely. You can also select the two-tone color that best suits your style. Moreover, you can enjoy your share of high-intensity workouts at the gym. You can also spend hours exploring the great outdoors with this band. 
  • AVOD nylon band. Don't want a leather or silicone band? Then, this woven nylon is perfect for you. The AVOD nylon band comes in a host of different shades. It will also fit wrist sizes ranging from 160mm to 210mm. This band uses the pin mechanism and velcro to fasten it in place. 
  • Geageaus silicone strap. This is ideal for sportier Galaxy Watch 3 owners. The perforated design of this colorful band will keep your wrists cool. The silicone material, on the other hand, will quickly wipe clean of sweat. 
  • Fintie Soft Woven Nylon Band. Are you looking for a band that's sturdy enough to accompany your workouts? And at the same time soft enough to be comfortable for several hours of wear? This band is the right one for you. The Fintie Soft Woven Nylon Band is made of premium quality nylon materials designed to prevent the thread from loosening. 
  • OenFoto silicone band. Are you the sporty kind of person? The OenFoto silicone band is perfect for you. This band is made from silicone. This means that it can hold up to exercise and moisture without breaking a sweat. Moreover, you can resize this band for when you need a tighter fit for sport. 
  • Kades silicone sport strap. If you want to get the same feel of an Apple sport band, then you might want the Kades silicone sport strap. This band is good for swimming or when you're going for a run. The Kades silicone sport strap is made from flexible fluoroelastomer. It also features a watch-style buckle to keep it in place. The perforated look of this band is designed to help keep things light and breathable.
  • YSSNH nylon band. This band can feel a lot more comfortable to wear all day. At the same time, it can still keep things stylish too. This nylon band comes in various colors, including midnight blue and black. 

The YSSNH nylon band uses the same pin mechanism as found on Samsung's official bands. This makes sure that you can easily attach and remove the band. 

  • Maxjoy classic nylon. This classic woven nylon band is a hardy, no-fuss strap. It uses quick release pins for an easy swap and would fit in at the office. You can also use it while on the trails or relaxing with friends. This band fit medium to large wrists. The Maxjoy classic nylon band comes in black, brown and army green colors. 
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