Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Large Wrists

Galaxy Watch 3 Bands for Large Wrists

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 user? Or are you planning on purchasing one? Are there any watch bands available for your large wrists? Fortunately, you can find bands of any size on the market. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a smartwatch for a premium-looking and feeling wearable. After all, this device's feature set gives the Apple Watch a run for its money. This wearable is also more attractive for those who have yet to go all-in on the Apple ecosystem. 

Should You Buy a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3? 

The Galaxy Watch is a good option if you are searching for an alternative smartwatch. You will have an all-rounder to track health stats like ECG, sports activities, and sleep patterns. 

Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is quite the multitasker, tracking up to 40 activities. Seven of those activities are tracked automatically. The device offers extra functionalities for some of those activities as well. 

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

  • Health. If you are more interested in its health tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has an FDA-approved ECG that can catch irregular heart rhythms. It also comes with a SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor and a VO2 (oxygen saturation) Max sensor. 

Your wearable will keep track of your oxygen saturation levels to catch conditions like sleep apnea. The Galaxy Watch 3 also monitors how much oxygen you can utilize while working out. Thus, it can give you insights and goals for your exercise regime. 

  • Sleep and stress. Did you know the Galaxy Watch 3 can track sleep patterns and stress levels? This smartwatch can provide some contextual suggestions to help improve your sleep and stress levels. 

In addition, the device comes with trip detection. Your Galaxy Watch 3 will alert emergency contacts when you take a severe fall. 

  • Convenience. Do you want to get away from your phone? You can upgrade to an LTE model. This smartwatch still responds to texts, answers calls and listens to Spotify. However, the LTE model comes with a Samsung Pay feature you can use to pay for your purchase. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has Bluetooth and GPS included as well. 

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is a premium product meant for people who want to wear something smart and classy on their wrist. You will find that the brand-new is a costly product since the device is an incredibly feature-rich smartwatch. 

Despite the price tag, it's worth your money. It has various sensors, fitness tracking, and a surprisingly customizable display.  

45mm or 41mm? Which Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Should You Get? 

If you have a large wrist, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm is the perfect Samsung smartwatch. This model is Samsung's most significant and baddest smartwatch; it is just the right size for people with larger wrists. It is bigger than the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm has many fitness, health, and lifestyle features. It also comes in two distinct finishes: stainless steel and titanium. 

Moreover, the 45mm watch has a larger battery than the 41mm version. It's almost 100mAh larger. The battery life of this device will last up to two days or more under the right circumstances. 

What are the Best Watch Bands for Your Large Wrist? 

While the Samsung Galaxy Watch lineup features default bands that work for most people, there are circumstances that you might consider third-party bands. This is most especially if you have large wrists since regular bands won't fit you.

The following are some of the best Galaxy watch bands for smartwatch users with large wrists. 

  • Ritche Silicone Watch Band. Are you looking for a truly dynamic watch band? Then the Ritche Silicone Watch Band is perfect for you. This band is one of the best bands for a large wrist as it is long enough to easily fit your wrist. In fact, it can easily fit the wrist size of five to eight inches.

    Additionally, the Ritche Silicone Watch Band is made of silicone. This means that the watch band can handle water with ease. The design of this band also allows you to wear it on most occasions like gyms, clubbing, among others. 

    • Rabuzi Metal Band. Do you want a metal band with modern looks? The Rabuzi Metal Band is a great pick. The Rabuzi Metal Band comes with removable bands wherein you can easily add or remove links according to your wrist size. That's what makes it the perfect watch band for people with large wrists. 

      The Rabuzi Metal Band fits wrist size of 5.7 inches to 7.1 inches. It is designed with an attractive combination of red and black colors. This gives the watch band a very distinct look. Moreover, the band is made of stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about water or sweat. 

      • Barton Elite Band. Looking for a durable watch band with modern design? You might want to consider getting a Barton Elite Band. This band is actually one of the most popular Galaxy Watch bands in the market. The reason is its design which gives the band a modern and minimalistic look. 

        The Barton Elite Band comes in various colors and fits perfectly the five to eight inches wrist size. This makes the band one of the best bands you can buy that will fit well on your large wrist. In addition, the band is made of silicone, which is known for its durability.

        • Koreda Milanese Loop. This band is a solid option for those who are looking for a watch band for their large wrist. That's because it can easily fit the wrist size from 6.69 inches to 10.82 inches. This watch band comes with a magnetic lock that allows you to place the lock anywhere on the band, giving you a better fit. 

          The Koreda Milanese Loop is made of stainless steel, which you can use for everyday activities like office, outings, clubbing, ang others. This watch band is also a unisex band and comes in different colors. 

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