Can You Change Bands on Samsung Watch 3?

Can You Change Bands on Samsung Watch 3?

Everybody knows that the most vital point of smartwatches is their ability to be customized. Yes, you can customize the software of your smartwatch, but that isn't the only thing you can personalize

Swapping out the wristband is one of the valuable customizations offered for smartwatches. This is an excellent feature since some smartwatches have less convenient and uncomfortable bands. 

Moreover, there are certain watch bands you can use for certain activities. For swimming, you will need a waterproof watch band. Remember that now all smartwatch bands are waterproof or even water resistant. As such, the customization feature of the smartwatch is handy when using the device for various activities. 

Another thing that makes a smartwatch's swapping of bands a popular thing is its ability to allow you to personalize your device. 

Most smartwatches, like Apple and Samsung, allow for interchangeable watch bands. You see, a new band or strap changes your smartwatch's looks and feel. You can match your smartwatch to your day's outfit or for an occasion by swapping its band. At the same time, you can choose what band is comfortable for you to wear. 

Remember, some bands can cause skin irritation when used for hours. As such, you should make sure that you choose what is comfortable next to your skin. Also, ensure that the watch band you use will not cause skin allergies. 

How to Change the Watch of Your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

As previously mentioned, most smartwatches allow for interchangeable watch bands. This includes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as well.   

The following are the steps you can follow to change the watch band of your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: 

  1. First, Take off the lever strap that comes with the watch. To do this, slide the metal lever on the strap's inside. This will then release the strap from the face of the watch. 
  2. You can attach a new one once you have completely removed the strap. What you need to do is to slot the pin into the designated hole of the watch. 
  3. Next, slide the small lever towards the pin you have just connected and push the end of the strap towards the other small hole. 
  4. Then, release the pressure of the lever, and your watch is complete. 

What are the Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Bands?

You can choose from various types of watch bands for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. You can even use the silicone bands of the original Galaxy Watch with your Galaxy Watch 3. If upgrading from the original model to the latest, you could repurpose the old bands for your new smartwatch. 

However, it would help if you remembered that you must use the bands from the 42mm Galaxy Watch and the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3. Likewise, you will need the bands from the 46mm original Galaxy Watch if you own the 45mm Galaxy Watch 3.

Any 20mm bands should also work with the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3. The 22mm bands should also be compatible with the 45mm variant. 

The following are some of the best bands you can use together with your Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Stitch Leather Band band has a standard buckle fastener and two bands to hold the excess leather in places. It is the perfect band if you want to give your device a professional vibe. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Ridge Sport Band. This is a more familiar style for anyone who bought their Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 as a fitness tool. This silicone strap is about the stark, strong recessed strip in the middle. 

    Moreover, the way the silicone allows the watch to hug the wrist is great for those heart rate measurements. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Ridge Sport Band is available in gray or black.

    • AVOD Nylon Band. If you don't want a leather or silicone band, this woven nylon alternative is a great choice for you. It comes in a host of different shades and will fit wrist sizes ranging from 160mm to 210mm. 

      The AVOD Nylon Band uses the same pin mechanism as Samsung's official bands. It also uses velcro to fasten it in place. As such, it should stay put when you wear it while you are in a gym doing your workouts. 

      • HTCrafts watch band. This metal band has a slimline, jewelry-inspired look. It comes in black, silver and rose gold for a delicate, flattering finish. The HTCrafts watch band is perfect for nights out or fancier business meetings. 
      • Geageaus silicone strap. This strap is ideal for sportier Galaxy owners. This colorful strap has a perforated design that will keep your wrist cool. The silicone material of the band, on the other hand, will quickly wipe clean of sweat. 

        The base strap of the Geageaus silicone strap comes in a range of shades with the pride-alike rainbow perforations. This adds a splash of fun to every wrist. 

        • Maxjoy classic nylon. This is a classic woven nylon band. It is a hardy, no-fuss strap that uses quick release pins for an easy swap. It would fit in at the office, on the trails, or relaxing with friends. 

          The Maxjoy classic nylon comes in black, brown or army green. It fits with medium to large wrists. 

          • MAREVO boho chic snake print. Are you looking for a change from the standard leather straps? You should consider the MAREVO boho chic snake print strap. This band is made with plaited and printed faux leather to bring a touch of individuality to your smartwatch. 

          While this strap is not suitable for sportswear or wearing overnight, the MAREVO boho chic snake print strap looks great paired with a simple shift dress. You can also pair it with your slim cut jeans. 

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