Can You Make Your Own Apple Watch Band?

Can You Make Your Own Apple Watch Band?

Everyone knows that the Apple Watch is Apple's most personal device yet. This makes sense since you can customize this wearable by swapping different watch bands. Just like how you change outfits, you can change bands to fit the occasion, your style or mood.  

Can You Make Your Own Apple Watch Band?

However, no one can deny that Apple Watch bands can be expensive. Though, there are reasons why these watch bands are more expensive than others. 

  • Functionality. The Apple Watch bands function differently for every occasion. You will find that there is a band for when you do your workouts or go to your office. There are also watch bands you can use when swimming. And if you're a healthcare worker, there are also some bands you can use while attending to your patients. 
  • Good quality. Quality is priceless. Apple makes its Apple Watch bands with materials that are of high quality. This means that they are durable and can last longer than the knock-off bands. The overall look and design make them masterpieces as well. 
  • High-demand. Apple Watch bands became more expensive than the bands from other brands due to their popularity. With them being highly in-demand, the makers can dictate the price. 
  • Luxury. Apple Watch bands are considered luxury items. As such, you won't get luxury at a low price. Moreover, Apple Watch bands are high-end. 
  • Product positioning. The Apple Watch bands are created and sold at a high price because Apple positions them on the market as luxury watch bands. Apple wants to get these bands in line with other luxury items or products on the market. 

Is it Possible to Make Your Own Apple Watch Band? 

Is it Possible to Make Your Own Apple Watch Band?

With how expensive Apple Watch bands are, you're probably looking for a way to buy watch bands and save money at the same time. Yes, there are several Apple Watch bands on the market. But the thing is, there are third-party watch bands that are of low quality. 

You might find yourself purchasing a band that lasts for less than a month. Or a band that will cause skin irritation after wearing it for hours. In addition, the band might even not suit your style. 

Good thing you can actually make your own Apple Watch bands. You need off-the-shelf bands and a set of lugs. 

  • Lugs. Keep in mind that there are many different styles of lugs on the market. There are lugs that require tools to install and there are others that do not. You will find that some lugs are simple and mimic Apple's. There are also others that are more rugged looking and are styled after Nomad's iconic bands. 

Another thing to think about is the color of the lugs. You see, lugs come in various colors. There are gold, silver, and black. So when you choose the lugs for your watch band, make sure to get the size and the color you need. 

  • Bands. The band should come without any sort of lugs. When shopping for the bands you need, you will see that there are bands tapered or angled to fit certain models of watches. As such, you should be on a look out for ones with flat ends and just a hole for the lugs to attach to. 

Moreover, your band should fit the lugs that you've chosen. The width of the band must be the same width as the opening in the lugs. To get the right size of your watch band, you need to do some measuring. 

However, most lugs will tell you what size is required in the description before you buy them. Keep in mind that 42/44m rugged lugs fit a 22mm width band. While the simple lugs will fit a 24mm on the 42/44mm and 22mm bands on the 38/40mm lugs.

How to Assemble Your Watch Band? 

How to Assemble Your Watch Band?

Since you now have your lugs and bands, here's how to put them together: 

  • Rugged-style lugs. If you bought the rugged-style lugs, you don't need to use any tools. You just simply insert the pogo pin into the end of the watch band. Then, place one end of the pin into the side of the lug. After that, press down on the other side while inserting it into the other inner-side of the lug. 
  • Simple-style lugs. If what you have are the simple-style lugs, you need a mini screwdriver. You will find that one of the screws is removed. This allows the bar to come apart in the center. What you need to do is to slide the watch band over the remaining half of the bar. 

After that, insert the other half back, then put the screw back into place. You should make sure that the screws are tightened securely. Since you're making the effort to create your own Apple Watch band, you should make it stand out. This is your chance to wear something no one has seen before. You can pick an unusual print, add a monogram or something else personal. 

Apple Stainless Steel Watch Band

If you want to have a trendy watch band, you might want to consider making a scrunchie Apple Watch band. Scrunchies are everywhere. They are cute, simple and can be as big or small as you want them. You can make them skinnier or fatter. What's more, you can make your scrunchie watch band out of the same fabric as your favorite face mask. 

Keep in mind that the measurements of your scrunchie depends on the size of your wrist. It should also feel comfortable on your wrist as well. Another way to customize your own Apple Watch is to add a monogram or engrave it. You can do it using Glowforge. However, you should know that once you add an engraving to your Apple Watch band, it will make it hard to resell. 

Since you are personally putting the band together yourself, several options opened up to you. With that, your Apple Watch and its band can now represent you and your style. This is without being limited by the Apple Watch market or the steep markups you see for the best bands.