Genuine Apple Watch Charger VS Fake

Genuine Apple Watch Charger VS Fake

Buying Apple accessories can be tricky. Especially if you're shopping for the accessories online. With how expensive Apple accessories are, it is important that you find out whether they are genuine or fake.   

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Apple recommends that you only use accessories that Apple has certified. They should also come with the MFi badge. Here are the issues that fake Apple accessories can cause

  • If you use counterfeit Lightning accessories, your Apple Watch could become damaged. 
  • If you use uncertified Lightning accessories, you might not be able to sync or charge your Apple Watch. 
  • The cable might be easily damaged. 
  • The connector end might fall off. It can be very hot or might not fit properly into your device as well.  

How to Identify Fake Apple Accessories? 

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You will find that genuine Apple Lightning to USB cables have certain text printed on them. There's also a serial number printed as well.

As previously mentioned, using uncertified or counterfeit accessories for your Apple Watch can damage your device. Or it can adversely affect operation. 

Keep in mind that Apple does not cover damage caused by use with a third party product. Particularly those that do not meet Apple's specifications. Apple recommends that you use the charger that came with your Apple Watch. It's the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, Magsafe Duo Charger, or Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. 

Here's how you can identify if the accessories are genuine or fake

  • Compare packaging and writing on the cable. If you want to identify counterfeit or uncertified cables and accessories, you should look carefully at the accessory's packaging. You should look at the accessory itself as well. You will find that third-party accessories have the MFi badge on their packaging. 
  • Compare connectors and laser etchings. To identify fake Lightning accessories, you can use the Lightning connector, USB connector, and laser etchings. Apple genuine chargers have "Designed by Apple and Assembled in China" printed on them. 
  • Typos. You should look for any typos in spellings on the charging adaptor. 
  • Charging dock. Look at your Apple Watch's charging dock. If it does not have the exact curve on its wireless charging plate, then it's fake. 

Here's some tips to keep yourself from using uncertified, counterfeit or fake Apple Watch accessories and other Apple products accessories: 

  • You should stick with your original cables, adapters, and other accessories. If the charger or accessory comes with the Apple Watch, then it is original. 
  • You should purchase the charger and accessories for your Apple Watch directly from Apple or Apple certified retailers. You buy them from Apple Shop at Best Buy or online retailers that specialize in Apple products. 
  • Are you planning to return, sell, or give away your Apple Watch? You should see if you can keep the cables or charger that came with it for future use.
  • You should look for white only cables. You see, Apple's genuine accessories are always white. It is not off-white or any other colors. You should also look for the letters UL, for the global safety and certification company. 

When is the Good Time to Charge Your Apple Watch? 

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Apple reassures users, like you, that there is no harm in keeping your Apple Watch connected to the power for long periods of time. So you can go ahead and let your device charge overnight. 

Moreover, you can use your Apple Watch for the entire day and then put it on charge for the night while you sleep. You can do this regardless of what battery percentage your Apple Watch is currently at. This practice is safe and incredibly convenient. And it will not disturb your schedule. 

You need to make sure you are charging your device to full capacity and not running the risk of overcharging it. As such, you need to know how long it takes for your Apple Watch to gain a full recharge. 

The charge time for Apple Watch is one and a half hours to go from zero to 80 percent, according to Apple. And two hours to go from zero to 100 percent, give or take. 

How to Charge Your Apple Watch? 

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You should set up your charger first. Place the charger of your Apple Watch on a flat surface in a well-ventilated area. Then, plug it into the power adapter and plug the adapter into a power outlet. Here's how you can begin charging your Apple Watch:

  1. Place the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable on the back of your Apple Watch. You will see that the concave end of the charging cable magnetically snaps to the back of your Apple Watch. And it aligns it properly. 
  1. You will hear a chime when charging begins. Then, you will see a charging symbol on the watch face. The symbol is red when your Apple Watch needs power and turns green when the Apple Watch is charging. 
  1. You can charge your Apple Watch in a flat position with its band open, or on its side. 

If you are using the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock or MagSafe Duo Charger, lay your Apple Watch on the dock. If your battery is very low, you may see an image of the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable and the low battery symbol on the screen. 

If you want to save power when the battery of your Apple Watch is low, you should put your device in Power Reserve mode. In Power Reserve mode, your Apple Watch still displays time but you can't use apps. 

To turn on the Power Reserve mode, you should first touch and hold the bottom of the screen. Then, swipe to open the Control Center. After that, tap the battery percentage. Then, drag the Power Reserve slider to the right. 

Do you have battery-powered devices connected to your Apple Watch through Bluetooth? The remaining charge appears on this screen. When battery charge drops to 10 percent or lower, your Apple Watch actually alerts you. The device also gives you the opportunity to enter Power Reserve mode.