Apple Watch Band Storage Ideas

Apple Watch Band Storage Ideas

Apple Watch bands are the eye candy for your wrist. They can turn your simple device into a stylish wearable for any occasion. 

Apple Watch Band Storage Ideas

Yes, they can be quite costly. Some might even argue that they are too expensive, while others find them worth the money they pay for them. 

One of the most compelling reasons as to why Apple Watch users buy extra bands is for customization. Having more than one watch band will give you the opportunity to change your Apple Watch appearance to suit your taste. 

Apple Watch Bands

You can also transform your Apple Watch into a luxury wearable you can use in formal events. Or a sporty device you can wear in the gym and during workouts. 

Other reasons why Apple Watch bands are worth the budget despite bring pricey include: 

  • Design. Most, if not all, Apple Watch bands have clever designs that offer comfort for its wearer. There are also watch straps that offer breathability, while some are hard-wearing and simple. 
  • Apple Quality. It is expensive because it is Apple, no one can deny that. But it is also a fact that the brand signifies the watch band you are getting is of best quality. Moreover, you can be certain that the product you have is made of nicer materials. This means you are not going to end up with odd things happening to your skin after you wear it for hours. 
  • Size and Color. Most of the techie people nowadays want some watch bands that match their outfits of the day or the event they are going to attend. Fortunately, Apple has a wide variety of colors, styles, and sizes that will suit anyone's needs. 

What are the Best Ways to Organize Apple Watch Bands? 

What are the Best Ways to Organize Apple Watch Bands?

As previously mentioned, Apple Watch bands are expensive. If you are someone who has dozens of different Apple Watch bands, you might want to keep them safe in storage. After all, you don't want the bands you spent so much on to get damaged.

Having a storage or a holder for your Apple Watch bands will protect them from scuffs. It will also keep the bands perfectly organized, maintaining its pristine and elegant appearance. 

The following are some of the storage to give your Apple Watch bands more care: 

  • Tech Swiss Watch Case Storage Portfolio. You can keep your Apple Watch bands in order and look sharp with this super sleek watch case. This storage is designed to fit up to 10 Apple Watch bands. They are displayed in a simple, clean layout with black elastics to keep them in place. 

The Tech Swiss Watch Case is made from high-quality leather. It zips up to make sure your watch bands don't slide out. It also has a protective piece of fabric that stops your watch bands from rubbing and bumping against each other. 

If you want a storage that can keep your collection safely at home or even traveling abroad, the Tech Swiss Watch Case is perfect for you. 

  • Zero Mass. Do you have several watch bands and are looking for a complete organizer to store and carry them more conveniently? The Zero Mass is the right one for you. It can hold up to 20 Apple Watch bands, which is more than enough to let you house your elegant accessories. 

The Zero Mass is well built. It is made of a snake leatherette and soft velvet. This will give your straps the desired safeguard from ugly scratches. 

  • SONGMICS 24 Watch Box. Do you own more than 20 Apple Watch bands? Do you want a classy, clean and effortless way of displaying your watch bands? Then, you might want to consider the SONGMICS 24 Watch Box. 

This storage is built with a faux leather outside and soft, gray velvet inside. It can house up to 24 Apple Watch bands. It has a glass lid that allows you to view your watch bands without the trouble of unlocking or opening the box. At the same time, it protects the bands from dust.

The hinge of this storage is also built with a metal safety hatch. This is to prevent the lid from falling back once opened, while the box itself can be locked for security purposes and an additional level of protection.

  • Bandkeeper. The Bandkeeper offers your watch bands elegant storage to rest and stay scratch-free. This holder feels pretty smooth to the touch. This gives you a much-better grip while holding the storage case. 

Meanwhile, its interior features four pages wherein you will be able to store several bands. With the inclusion of the magnetic tab, the watch bands will stay safely inside. 

You can either run the bands along the elastic portions of the BUBM bag. You can also put your watch faces in the mesh pockets or use the bands and the pockets for maximum watch band storage. 

  • YOOSIDE. Do you want a simple and convenient watch band storage? You might want to consider YOOSIDE. This watch band organizer is built with high quality cotton. It can hold up to five watch bands, which should be fine for normal needs or if you don't have the biggest Apple Watch band collection. 

Your watch bands have the extra layer of protection mainly due to the storage's soft interior. Moreover, the foldable design makes it ultra-portable, allowing you to keep it even in a small pocket. 

  • Xchangeables. People find the Xchangeables worthy of their choice due to its rigid construction that can withstand impact. This guarantees that the bands will have an additional safeguard. 

This storage has six compartments wherein several of your watch bands can stay secure. You can even store your glasses in it and carry them with complete peace of mind. 

Additionally, the transparent design of this storage lets you take a glance at all of your accessories. This will help you quickly choose the one that seems to get along nicely with your mood or style. 



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